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Tag: Android

Does your startup have a podcast? The five best apps to listen to podcasts on an Android mobile

The consumption of podcasts in Spain already accounts for almost 2% of total radio listening. It grows month by month and gains followers thanks to the short duration of the programs and the specialized theme of the channels, which are distributed through RSS systems, which allows users to subscribe and…

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Ripple (XRP) can now be issued to 40 million outlets in 180 countries

The company Spend offers an app for payment services. Some time ago, the company has also integrated payment options for Litecoin and Dash. Now Spend has announced via Twitter that they have also recorded Ripple XRP. With the help of the Spend app, customers can now pay with Ripple XRP…

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Ten things that you can not stop doing with your Android as soon as you discover them

The battle of the ‘smartphones’ is between iOS and Android. Many prefer Apple phones for their exclusivity. Android has a pull for the variety of models and prices that brands offer with it. In addition, the operating system of the green robot has little-known utilities. Radars, cache memory, use of…

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