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6 SEO trends of 2019

In the digital world nothing is permanent, and search engine positioning is no exception. Adapting to the SEO trends that will mark this 2019 is vital if you want your website to remain relevant to Google. Here are some tips.

The reign of the SERP

Search engine results pages (SERP) gain more and more prominence in SEO strategies. Caring for the information we show in them is a priority that we should not overlook this 2019. And we do not just mean to work well on the texts of our snippets.

The goal of Google is to get the user to spend more time in their search engine. That’s why it puts all the possible information at your fingertips like song lyrics, product cards, movies on the billboard and recipes. Pay attention to how your website information will be displayed in the search engine and you will win.

Local SEO, your best ally

Local SEO has long been a trend, but this 2019 reaffirms its importance. For businesses that operate in a certain area, taking into account this type of positioning is increasingly fundamental.

The “keyword + city” formula triumphs among users and, as good strategists, we must adapt to it. Entering local keywords in the URL and meta tags, embedding a Google map on the web are just some of the techniques that can help us with our local SEO. Another trick that will play in our favor is to register the business on platforms such as Google MyBusiness or TripAdvisor.

Think in voice

We’ve been hearing about the importance of voice searches for years, but by 2019 it looks like their final coronation will come. 50.2% of Spaniards already use this technology to make our day to day easier. Now, to the mythical assistants Siri, Google Assistant or Cortana, devices such as Google Home or Amazon Echo are added, which take voice searches to a new dimension.

The question is, how are these changes going to influence our SEO strategies? No user speaks the same as they write, so voice searches can be very different from those written. There are tips that can help us get started, such as focusing on long-tail terms, researching keywords with a conversational approach and writing as if we were answering questions.

Audiovisual content, stronger than ever

Videos are one of the most powerful marketing tools for brands. They allow us to better capture the attention of users, get them excited and reach them with unique and different content that fits in their memory. People love videos, that’s why it’s the most consumed format today and going up. It is expected that this year online video will account for about 84% of Internet traffic.

Although YouTube continues to be the hegemonic platform in the consumption of videos, the ideal position is to embed them on our website. This way we will avoid competing with one of the most visited websites in the world. A matter of pure logic.

The classics never die

Adapting to SEO 2019 trends is as fundamental as not neglecting other aspects, perhaps less novel but equally crucial if we want to keep our website at the top of the search engines. For the clueless, we recapitulate some of the most important:

Have a responsive website, which takes into account the mobile version and adapts to all devices.

Have installed the SSL certificate for safe browsing.

Monitor the upload speed and optimize aspects such as images, source code, CSS and Javascript. Concentrate on SEO friendly URLs and also adapt them to our keyword strategy

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