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Top 6 blockchain companies of 2019

Forbes has published its top 50 FinTech companies. The list is heavily US-dominated and only one company comes from the European area. So here are the top 6 blockchain companies from Forbes.

Axoni – New York City

Axoni wants nothing less than to shift the $ 10 trillion derivatives market to smart contracts. Investors can then access information about trades on their Distributed Ledger.

Funding: $ 59 million from lenders such as Goldman Sachs or JPMorgan.

Bitfury – Amsterdam

Bitfury is the only European blockchain company to make it into Forbes’s top 50 FinTech companies. The company specializes in bitcoin mining. Her current concern is to milk the “golden goose” together with the Common Foundation in Paraguay.

Funding: $ 150 million from lenders such as Korelya Capital, Macquarie Capital or Dentsu.

Circle – Boston

Among other things, Circle wants to gain a foothold in stable-coin business. The USD Coin promises, much like Tether, to be covered 1 to 1 of US dollars. It offers an attractive trading vehicle for crypto investors.

Funding: $ 246 million from IDG Capital, Bitmain, Breyer Capital, Goldman Sachs and others.

Coinbase – San Francisco

Coinbase caused turmoil in the blockchain universe only in December of last year. Initially misunderstood as an “unknown Bitcoin whale”, the company moved an enormous amount of BTC. However, this only happened to protect itself. Because the company offers, among other things, a (even safer?) Custody of cryptocurrencies.

Funding: $ 525 million from lenders such as Tiger Global Management, Andreessen Horowitz and YC Continuity.


And another cryptocurrency exchange. Well-known here are above all the founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, who are among the first Bitcoin investors and also among the richest Bitcoin owners.

Funding: Winklevoss Capital Management – exact figures are unknown.


The company with the second and third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization XRP, may not be missing in this list. CEO Brad Garlinghouse once even went so far as to say that Ripple is better than BTC. If that’s true? Convince yourself.

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