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A Berlin based fintech presented business models for a lean, fast and agile future

Financial Technology which in short is FinTech. It has responded to the digital transformation and is constantly working on new financial instruments and services. At the meeting of the Tagesspiegel Wirtschaftsclub, the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) presented keynote presentations for Digital Engineering. And the Commerzbank subsidiary Comdirect Bank AG, the financial service provider Lunchio GmbH was also represented with a lecture on the subject of Digital Transformation of Employee Benefits.

Questions about future of fintech and its digital transformation

How can companies attract the next generation for the digital transformation? And how can digitization be implemented in companies? An answer to both questions at the same time gave at the meeting in the economic club of the Tagesspiegels on.

March 6, 2019 in Berlin Jan Saupe, CEO and co-founder of Lunchio GmbH. Because the startup from Berlin deals with the digitization of tax free benefits for employees.

The core product of Lunchio are digital food brands. This allows companies to offer a very modern and flexible benefit that employees experience every day. This is a valuable component in employer branding and helps to differentiate itself from other companies in the competition for junior staff. At the same time, the continuous paperless handling of the digital food stamps is very efficient, reliable and convenient and thus an important step in the digital transformation.

Similar benefits are exchanged

The digital food brands replace the previous paper brands and optimize the system. Employees are free to decide where they want to buy food and are not bound to specific acceptance points, as before. The receipt for the purchased food, be it from the bakery around the corner, from a restaurant or the salad bar in the supermarket, is simply photographed with the smartphone and sent to Lunchio. Here, employees check the voucher and respond with a message about the reimbursement amount and the current account balance. In the background, a bill is kept for each employee, which is sent monthly to the payroll department of the company. For example, employers can pay tax free up to € 96 a month to employees.

In the meantime, Lunchio were able to convince several large customers of this system and successfully introduce the digital food brands. Acceptance is increasing noticeably and they are experiencing a real rethink. After the presentation, some of the decision makers from large companies were seriously interested in switching to the digital food brand. And the conclusion of Jan Saupe was, “There were valuable discussions until late into the night.”

Slim, fast and agile

At the meeting of the Tagesspiegel Wirtschaftsclub, current topics of high profile conversation partners are presented in lectures for more than five years. And then discussed on the podium and in smaller round table discussions. Gerd Appenzeller from the Tagesspiegel moderated the evening on digital transformation in the financial industry and let experts from business and science have their say. The keynote speeches were given by Prof. dr. Andreas Polze, HPI Research School Potsdam and Arno Walter, CEO of the Commerzbank subsidiary Comdirect Bank. In brief presentations, FinTechs such as Lunchio GmbH presented their novel business models for a lean, fast and agile future.

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