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9 recently successful startups you should know about

Every day, new startups are emerging everywhere in the country. Once again, presents a number of very young startups that have recently launched. In the past few weeks and months, as well as some young companies that have recently made headlines for the first time.


With Spanflug Adrian Lewis, Johannes Schmalz and Markus Westermeier want to establish a platform for turning and milling parts. According to Munich the algorithm developed by Spanflug for calculating the manufacturing costs of turned and milled parts is unique on the market. But there are a number of startups that are active in the market for turned and milled parts. This includes, for example, creativity. “In a year’s time, automatic flight pricing will technically be able to cover much of the market for turned and milled parts. And Bavarians plans to significantly increase their marketing and sales activities in order to achieve better market penetration, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises.

Which problem do you want to solve with Spanflug?

Spanflug makes the procurement of individual production parts as easy as the online shopping of catalog items. After uploading the CAD data of your components in the online shop of Spanflug customers receive immediate quotation prices and can order directly. Spanflug replaces the hitherto very time consuming and manual offer preparation with an automated and scalable solution. Their manufacturing partners benefit from the negligible selling expenses and a new digital distribution channel. You can easily accept orders by clicking on our supplier portal. The uncertainty as to whether and when the customer orders is no longer necessary. Manufacturing companies can better plan their capacity and increase their profitability.


iAutofinance, founded by Jan Wieners, is about financing cars. They are a young start up team with experienced employees. And are not stereotypical, mixed and international. Also they all have different experiences, backgrounds and professional skills. What unites them is the goal of building something new together, crossing borders and setting new ones. The vision of iAutofinance is to revolutionize car financing. Use of iAutofinance is free for both buyers and merchants. iAutofinance receives a lead or loan commission from the financing partners. The startup competes with this business model especially with credit comparison services.

What problem do you want to solve with iAutofinance?

iAutofinance are the first car financing portal that connects car buyers digitally with car dealers and car banks. On the one hand there are those customers who want to finance a vehicle and search the internet for credit options. And on the other hand, there are car dealers who work with automotive banks, but their internet advertised cars can not link with their financing options. This is precisely iAutofinance is concerned about. Regardless of the brand, car dealers can offer for the first time, via iAutofinance Online. And credit offers for the advertised vehicles on their website or at the cooperation partners Autoscout24 and Romoto. This gives them the opportunity for the first time to digitally offer their customers their specific terms and do not lose the for traders important income to credit comparison portals. The customer on the other hand has the advantage of completing the financing of his dream car at Autoscout24 or Romoto directly at the dealer or he gets on the website iAutofinance his car loan with immediate payment.


The young Munich startup planerio wants to revolutionize the personnel management in practices, clinics and nursing homes. According to Robert Grüter on the market segment, the market for digital HR management and scheduling solutions is large and growing strongly. On this are old industry which are neutral offerers with manually elaborate offers active. Their core competence is the administration of large homogeneous user groups in the industry. Larger companies in the health care market also use these to meet legal requirements and to prepare the payroll data. There are also young dynamic vendors offering industry, which are specific solutions in the cloud, such as hospitality, logistics. For the very different requirements of every department and every service planner in a large hospital and the intelligent automation of the management processes, there has never been an elegant solution.

Which problem do you want to solve with planerio?

Planerio reduces bureaucracy and simplifies HR management in the healthcare sector. The intelligent algorithms behind the elegant GUI of the Planerio app enable employees to quickly implement holiday wishes, time off, exchange of services and all other working time preferences. Doctors and nursing staff should be able to concentrate on the essential activities, better reconcile their family and work and again have more time for human oriented treatments.


The name Hopery hides a young vegan natural cosmetics brand. The product range of the Würzburg startup includes hand cream, soaps and body lotion in the scents Bamboo Milk, Lavender Orange and Lime Grapefruit. Unlike many industrial cosmetics, Hopery does not use palm oil. As stated by founder Benjamin Böhme there is no direct competition with comparable products, but a similar business model. For example, the Startup Share, which also donate part of their profits to aid projects.

What problem do you want to solve with Hopery?

The palm oil industry is one of the main causes of the destruction of the rainforest. To grow more and more palm oil, which is commonly used in cosmetics and food, the major palm oil producers clear and burn the last remaining rainforests. The family recipes we use for Hopery prove that cosmetics can be used without palm oil. All products of the new natural cosmetics brand Hopery are 100% palm oil free, vegan and are produced without animal experiments. To go one step further, 20 cents and part of the profits are donated per product sold to adopt orphaned orangutans who have lost their mothers due to the deforestation of the rainforest.


The Hamburg startup Metronus has made it its goal to help people after injuries to heal better. It is a rehab program from professional sports will be made available to the masses. Using virtual and augmented reality, the training is visualized and gamified to increase motivation.

What problem do you want to solve with Metronus?

Metronus helps people to heal better after injury. The German healthcare market is the world’s third largest healthcare market with a market volume of approximately € 315 billion. With two million rehab cases and an annual cost increase of 4.3%, the healthcare system expects a challenge. Health insurance companies are under cost pressure and the shortage of skilled workers hampers a nationwide care of patients. Clinics are struggling with staff shortages and cost pressures, as well as patient compliance. Patients themselves can not exercise safely at home and there is a lack of a way to involve the doctor and therapist at home. Likewise, there is no progress analysis for transparent rehabilitation. A rehab program from professional sports will be made available to the masses. Using augmented reality, the training is visualized and gamified to increase motivation.


Jochen Eckert and Christian Kobusch operate a discount platform for restaurant visits under the name offpeak. Reserve a table in the early evening at offpeak and get 50% discount on food for a booking fee of 5 € at all participating restaurants, it says on the website. “The Rocket Internet supported, classic coupon book publishers like Schlemmerblock and at least partially established reservation platforms like bookatable and quandoo. In some cases, the latter also have supply lines, but these are often not designed purely for non-productive times, “says co-founder Eckert about the competition in the segment.

What problem do you want to solve with offpeak?

The startup offpeak noticed that many smaller service providers such as restaurants, bars, hairdressers etc. often have unused capacity. Often their demand is characterized by typical shock and non-productive times. The latter represent a major economic challenge for many service providers. Rent and other incidental costs also accrue during non-productive hours. So far, there is no simple and scalable possibility for small service providers such as hairdressers, beauty salons, restaurants, etc. And for better offload, these non-productive times by variable pricing and specifically to use for new customer acquisition. The startup operate the internet platform offpeak on the service provider discounted availability of downtime appointments to better utilize capacities, acquire new customers and provide customers with a low-risk. This is because discounted introductory offer. Their offer is currently focused on restaurants and their mostly unused first dinner tables.


The recently founded startup holoride is dedicated to the establishment of a new media category, specially developed for use on the go. This refers to a combination of the contents of VR or XR glasses with external influences such as acceleration, steering movements and navigation data. This way, free time, which often can not be used during trips, becomes a highly immersive experience with holoride. Audi Electronics Venture GmbH already holds minority interests in holoride, which was founded by Nils Wollny, Marcus Kühne and Daniel Profendiner.

What problem do you want to solve with holoride?

Every day countless people drive in vehicles. A conservative estimates assume 1.4 billion daily trips in private vehicles. Which have at least one passenger on board. The four major Ride Hailing companies alone complete 50 million trips each day. Unfortunately, this travel time is untapped for most people and more of a necessary evil. Even with modern vehicles, the possibilities for entertainment, relaxation or work due to structural technical limitations and a risk of emerging carsickness or motion sickness is limited.

Existing entertainment offers are always a compromise in the vehicle. The screen sizes are relatively small and the duration of the experience is not adapted to the travel time. Therefore, the company have developed a new entertainment format in which the presentation of the content can be synchronized with the movement of a vehicle almost without delay. The basis for this are algorithms for autonomous driving, as well as highly immersive display technologies such as virtual, mixed or augmented reality. This results in fascinating, flexible entertainment experiences that can be imagined as individual amusement parks in the vehicle. deals with the automated processing of grant applications in science and research. Of course through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. The goal of the startup is to make the shortest link between research goals, project partners and funding. In doing so, the company keep an eye on the social benefits as well as the benefits of the users.

What problem do you want to solve with

Applications for funding in science, research and development are time consuming, exhausting and inefficient. In the EU funding initiative Horizon 2020 alone, about 274 million of the value added in the European science industry per year is lost through rejected applications. The startup’s solution is the automated processing of grant applications through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. With the project KLEOS.AI the company want to create the shortest link between the research objective, project partners and funding. There are competitors on the various sub disciplines of our solution. However, they are not aware of any product that unites these sub disciplines and offers the entire process of grant acquisition.


Behind buyQ is a campaign planning tool for Amazon Advertising. “Through our agency work, we know the challenges of managing large Amazon PPC accounts. Therefore, we have designed a completely new system that makes everyday work easier. And, above all, addresses the typical requirements of large brands and budgets. Processes, efficiency and insights are topics in which there is a lot of potential that we want to raise with customers for customers, “says founder Jens Jokschat. buyQ licenses the platform as a Saas model to its customers.

What problem do you want to solve with buyQ?

Agencies today are required to manage large Amazon PPC accounts for branded merchants, both in vendor and seller mode. This is done by Amazon on two separate platforms. Agencies often manage large budgets and campaign structures. But the campaign optimization via Amazon Advertising is fragmented, non-transparent and only limited to controllable. For example, the performance of thousands of products, campaigns and keywords has to be assessed and controlled, with many control options, such as those established in Google, not even being available yet.

buyQ want to make life easier for media and e-commerce agencies as well as specialist service providers for Amazon Advertising with the new buyQ system. buyQ simplifies processes in campaign control and optimization, offers analytics tools with clear charts and reporting and has powerful features like the Campaign Scheduler. For example, it lets you run ads on Amazon in parallel with TV flights, or reduce bids in less verbalized times, which improves campaign ROI. Performance marketing managers and Amazon PPC executives can also use the platform to manage multiple accounts in different countries clearly and easily.

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