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A Berlin mobility startup received seed funding of $2 million

Cars produce large amounts of data that can be found in silos. And this can only develop their value to a limited extent because they speak in terms of terms a language that is only understood there. Xapix is a startup that wants to free this data by linking the different software systems in the car. The company develops a program interfaces, called APIs, that allow programs to access such data.

With the help of API adapters, automotive companies can create links between different systems. And that within a few days compared to several months with conventional approaches. This is the believe of founder Christian Umbach, when explaining his company’s approach.

The startup has received seed funding of $ 2 million. The main contributor is Speedinvest, a venture capital firm with a $ 260 million fund focused on fintech, marketplaces and deep tech startups. Speedinvest recently appeared as VC of the kickscooter startup Tier Mobility.

Data for insurance

Xapix plans to push verticals into the insurance industry Insurtech this year, as CTO Oliver Thamm reveals. It is another important industry that still suffers greatly from legacy systems and data silos. Their goal is to reduce the implementation time for such IT projects by a factor of ten.

In its core business Xapix pursues three goals. The startup wants to make it easier for automakers to share data. This should facilitate the expansion of digital services. For example, in the development of infotainment systems that need access to numerous data sources. And finally, Xapix wants to simplify the maintenance of digital systems and thus optimize fleet management.

About Xapix

Xapix was founded in Berlin in 2016 and has since moved to San Francisco. On the company’s website, BMW, the Daimler subsidiary Fleetboard and Deutsche Bahn are mentioned as customers.

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