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A Comprehensive Guide to Temporary Emails: Best Practices

Do you need to keep your data safe ? Take a look at this post to clear your mind of any doubts you may have!

Almost every website and app today requires you to provide your email address. It’s a pain in the neck to deal with the onslaught of spam that often follows. Furthermore, the more places that know your email address and have access to part of your online activities, the greater the risk to your privacy. Furthermore, who knows how your email address is used or sold to third parties.

When we were obliged to give our email address to a site we didn’t trust in the past, it was simple to make up a false address. However, this no longer works because most websites now send you a verification email to which you must answer.

Thankfully, there are temporary disposable email services available to assist us in dealing with this issue. These services provide you with a disposable email address that you may use to respond to those pesky verification notifications without exposing your real email address to more spam and potentially dangerous third parties.

The Uses May Be Varied And The Legitimate Interest, e.g. For:

1- to download a programme without giving out your professional e-mail address, and thus avoid any inconvenience or risk;
2- to sign up anonymously to a service or platform;
3- for web verification purposes (wifi, blogs…);
4-reply to an e-mail or forward an e-mail without revealing personal information.

So let’s take a look at the temporary email landscape, starting with the greatest solutions and closing up with some frequently asked questions.

Here are some of the top temporary email services:


Mailet has swiftly established a reputation for excellent service. It provides a safe and, most importantly, anonymous free temporary email account. Its free plan limits you to one email account at a time and retains messages for three days. You can get a time extension and access to more emails at the same time, but you’ll have to buy a plan in this instance.

Burner Mail

Burner Mail is a set of Chrome and Firefox browser extensions that allow you to create and utilize throwaway (burner) email identities. Messages received to these addresses are redirected to the email address you specify, keeping the sender from discovering your true address.

burner email

Burner Mail will display its burning envelope icon in practically any email address field that occurs on the screen once you install an extension. You’re done when you click the icon to enter one of your burner addresses into the field. As a result, the browser extensions are great tools if you require throwaway email addresses for all those unpleasant confirmation letters that sites and services insist on sending these days.


Maildrop is a disposable email address that is free to use. It’s only a matter of time. It’s only temporary. It’s a throwaway item. It’s designed for case you don’t want to give someone your real address. Simply give someone an email address in the domain, return here, enter the email address, and you’ll be able to read their inbox.

temporary mail with spam filter

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