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A digital trading platform allows users to buy value tokens using major cryptocurrencies

DX.Exchange, the digital trading platform powered by Nasdaq technology based in Estonia. It is one of the first in the industry with its launch of value tokens offer quotes and value tokens offers.

As previously reported, DX.Exchange became operational in January, with support for several trading pairs of shares in cryptocurrencies and tokenized shares. In March, the platform added exchange traded funds to its backed products.

According to the press release, the platform now allows investors to buy value tokens using both major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and Ripple, and also fiat money. Following this latest development, DX Group will also be restructured into a new entity called DXtech Exchange.

DXtech Exchange

The exchange of value tokens represents the latest offer enabled by the existing association agreement of DXtech Exchange with the Cyprus regulated broker MPS MarketPlace Securities Ltd. Which has so far allowed the provision of tokenized shares and ETF of the platform.

Reportedly, the trade of value tokens will require investors to submit to an additional layer of checks Know your client, in accordance with Directive II of Markets of financial instruments of the European Union.

MPS will be the entity that lists the tokens and acts as a counterpart in its operations. All exchanges will be carried out automatically using the corresponding motor technology and will be controlled by a surveillance system.

To demonstrate its new services, DXtech Exchange launches the STO list and trade a value token called IGWT. Which will be offered in a limited time private value token sale of 18 million IGWT. As of that moment, ten percent of the company’s profits will be distributed regularly to the IGWT token holders who will own 100 percent of the tokens.

The eligibility requirements

The press release describes the eligibility requirements to list a value token with DXtech Exchange, which includes the evaluation made by the platform’s investment committee, the provision of a legal opinion, the complete background investigation, a review of the protocol of the token block chain and the exchange of DXtech information with data on who and how the tokens are distributed.

The platform’s investment committee, it is reported, evaluates the issuers of value tokens based on the transparency, method and fundraising equipment of their white paper.

The press release indicates that the platform finally aims to list several value tokens that include company shares, company profit divisions, funds, bonds, real estate and art.

While the value tokens continue to gain strength in the industry, cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance is also eyeing the sector, signing an MoU last fall with the digital assets and fintech subsidiary of the Malta Stock Exchange, MSX PLC , to jointly launch a new digital exchange of value tokens.

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