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Tag: the European Union

A digital trading platform allows users to buy value tokens using major cryptocurrencies

DX.Exchange, the digital trading platform powered by Nasdaq technology based in Estonia. It is one of the first in the industry with its launch of value tokens offer quotes and value tokens offers. As previously reported, DX.Exchange became operational in January, with support for several trading pairs of shares in…

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Google will start suggesting users to use competitive products or services

It is not usual for a company to tell you to use competitive products or services. But Google will start doing it very soon. The European Union accused the technological giant of taking advantage of the dominance of its operating system in mobile phones. Which is being used to promote…

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How startups and fintechs in the European Union feel about Brexit

Anyone listening in on the start-up scene, for example, not only regrets the departure of the British, often also hears the sound of joy. For example, Julian Grigo, who is responsible for financial services at the digital association Bitkom, is now allowed to call his phone more often to explain…

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Digital nomad: Set up a company in Estonia and direct it from anywhere in the world

Setting up a company in Estonia means creating a company in the European Union, being able to open a bank account in euros and having a corporate tax of 0% in many cases. You do not need to reside in Estonia, not even in the European Union, any person in…

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Fintech: Revolut is a large mobile bank, but also the proof that you have to moderate your enthusiasm with fintech

The fintech sector is boiling. The combination of finance and technology is a great idea and many companies are developing very useful and innovative products. Among this type of companies there are some that are betting on trying to revolutionize a sector that was not so much unthinkable that it…

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Another tax to innovation: France will charge a new tax to Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon in January

France will start charging a fee to internet giants called GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and other companies) from January 1 without waiting for the European Union to adopt a rule, announced today Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire. “The rate will be applied as of January 1, 2019 and for…

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