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A market that is growing fast: Mobile power startups

Clean technology of cleantech startup makes mobile power supply simple, flexible and emission-free.

The global market for portable power generators as a mobile power supply is a gigantic $ 10 billion. This only affects the power of less than 15 kilowatts – and does not even include the demand in closed areas. With its portable battery storage, the cleantech startup instagrid wants to address precisely this market – for example, to replace classic diesel generators on construction sites.

The first goal of instagrid is the revolution of the construction industry

The event will be followed by event technology, landscaping and horticulture as well as public sectors such as the fire brigade and humanitarian organizations. The startup has developed a software-defined battery technology, which weighs little and saves 40 percent of operating costs compared to classic solutions. Instagrid wants to decouple electricity from place and time.

In addition to the HTGF high-tech start-up fund, two family offices from Austria and Switzerland have recently joined the ranks as investors with a million-euro investment. No wonder: Mobile power supply is always needed – and the impact for the reduction of CO2 emissions is great. With the fresh capital now the product development is to be completed.

This is what instagrid’s mobile power supply looks like in everyday practice

To reduce the size and weight of the power source, instagrid has developed a software defined battery technology that is modular. Compared to the state of the art, the cleantech startup reduces installation space and weight for stress conversion by a whopping 90 percent. By using cost-effective components, such as those used in smart phone chargers, instagrid reduces product costs. Compared to gasoline-powered generators and internal combustion engines, the new, portable battery storage system is lightweight, compact and has 40 percent lower operating costs. Noise and exhaust gases avoid the weatherproof solution.

What does instagrid want?

In the first step, instagrid wants to sell the mobile battery storage as a white-label variant via existing sales channels of several brand partners. Subsequently, the market entry should be done under its own brand in online direct sales. Specifically, this means a rental of battery storage in use-oriented pricing. The nationwide market launch for major European brand partners in the DACH region and Scandinavia is planned for the first half of 2020 by instagrid.

By the way, InnagEnergy also provided further support for instagrid: The startup won € 100,000 in the global call for electrical energy storage together with the Swiss cleantech startup Battrion, as reported by elektroauto-news.

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