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A sleep-aid startup is already beloved by dozens of investors

Sleep.Ink has received a small amount of millions from several investors. The former shareholder Atlantic Food Labs has once again invested money in the Berlin sleepwear manufacturer and now holds 30 percent.

New are the pharmaceutical company Dr. med. Kade and the VC arm of dietary supplement manufacturer Döhler, who is also involved in the Sleep.Ink competitor Snooze. Diverse business angels like Robert Ermich, founder of Dein Handy, Jaclyn Sontel Schnau of the baby pulp startup Pumpkin Organics and Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss, founder of the Berlin insurtechs Omnius, also participated in the round.

With the capital, the sleepwear startup intends to build a content platform, on which, for example, video tutorials with yoga and dream exercises are offered. On top of that, drinks will soon be available in more than 600 stationary sales locations, including Douglas stores, pharmacies and hotels.

So far, Sleep.Ink has mainly sold its sleeping aids online. In 2018, the founders trio Jakob Repp, Jan-Frieder Damm and Malte Gützlaff converted a mid six-figure amount.

The strategic partnership with the more than 130-year-old pharmaceutical company wants to use Sleep.Ink to have an experienced partner on board for legal matters. Most recently, the citizens of Berlin were cautioned because their product contains melatonin and therefore, according to the authorities, should not be freely available.

Melatoninhaltig: Do two Berlin sleep aid startups violate the drug law? Sleep.Ink and Braineffect sell sleeping pills with melatonin. The federal authorities grade the products, however, as a prescription.

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