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Tag: Finance

Fast growing European Fintech companies you should know about

ID Finance, the Fintech company specialized in emerging markets based in Barcelona. It has been ranked 84th in the FT 1000 list of the fastest growing European companies and is the second fastest growing Fintech in Europe The Financial Times analyzed the company’s growth over 3 years, from 2014 to…

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Amazon and NSF collaborate to accelerate fairness in AI research

As we know, Artificial Intelligence is a developing technology, which currently has a variety of limitations that can cause problems. Among them is the way they learn, which although it has improved considerably, likewise presents problems that are difficult to correct. The complicated part being the financing to fix it.…

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Global expansion: Why the US should be looking at Africa? BRCK acquires EveryLayer

Kenyan Communications hardware company BRCK acquired the assets of Nairobi Surf-based Internet provider and its US parent, EveryLayer, in a purchase agreement for an undisclosed amount in February. About EveryLayer Based in Nairobi, Surf is an access point service provider aimed at providing affordable internet for lower income segments. BRCK…

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The most backward country in terms of Fintech regulation

According to the executive director of the FinteChile association, Ángel Sierra, Chile is the most backward country when it comes to regulating financial technology ventures. Chile was delayed in the regulation of fintech companies in the region. The local regulator just this year released the draft with basic guidelines to…

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2gether: The first collaborative banking platform

In the digital transformation of the financial sector, new models such as neobanks, challenger banks and BaaS (Bank as a Service), which aspire to compete with traditional banking through technology and user experience, have emerged with force. In this context of innovation born 2gether, the first collaborative banking platform in…

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This country has great opportunities for development in economics

Mexico’s development opportunities are enormous and go beyond the economic and political environment it faces, assured the global CEO of International Personal Finance (IPF), Rami Ryhannen. In this sense, the Estonian executive stressed, Mexico has a very large population to which it is necessary to bring financial services closer, so…

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