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A startup with a lot of potential to surpass Apple and Amazon

It is no secret to anyone that Amazon and Apple are two of the strongest brands in the market. However, there is a commercial startup that manages to grow in a huge way within the Stock Exchange and that surpasses, by far, these two leading companies.

If we had to answer the question, which is the brand that has gained the most value in the market during the last century? It is very probable that the answer would give as a winner to one of the technologies firms that have managed to position themselves as referents of the current economy.

Perhaps an answer of this nature would not be entirely wrong if we consider the latest results of Ranking Brand Finance 500. Where the five most valuable brands in the world belong to that sector. Amazon 187.905 million dollars, Apple 153,634 million dollars, Google 142,755 million dollars, Microsoft 119,595 million dollars and Samsung 91,282 million dollars.

With this in mind, it would be easy to argue that Amazon could be the brand that has grown the most in value. And with an increase of 2 thousand 300 percent in stock since January 2000, the proposal would gain strength. Apple would walk along the same path with an increase of 5,300 percent during the same period. However, and although it seems almost impossible there is a firm that exceeds them in terms of the growth of its value in the Stock Exchange.

A market with a lot of potential

The big winner in this segment is Monster, the energy drinks startup that from January 2000 to date has seen its market value grow by 60 thousand percent.

“Energy drinks are the beverages of this generation, and Monster has been able to expand their products consistently with great success,” said Caroline Levy, an analyst at Macquarie Capital. This makes sense, we believe that the company’s revenues have continued to grow below 9 percent since 2001.

Coca-Cola: ally or friend?

The performance of the firm has made it clear that the energy drinks market is a highly profitable segment.

A look at what happens in the Latin American market allows us to contextualize the opportunity that the cooling tries to capitalize on. Figures from Zenith International indicate that in Latin America, the market for energy drinks has a value of 1.2 billion dollars. Same that between 2012 and 2017 grew with an annual average of 25 percent.

The same source indicates that, in global terms, this segment grew during 2017, 119 percent, to reach a total consumption close to 545 million liters.

These figures have attracted several players among whom sound as strong names as Amazon or Coca-Cola. A company that until a few weeks ago was located as a potential buyer of Monster Energy in the future. Having now 18.8 percent of the shareholding of this last.

This purchase theory faded after the launch of Coca-Cola Energy. However, Mosntaers seems to have won a competitor of special significance if we consider the plans that the soft drink brand has to capitalize the energy drinks market.

As reported by Expansión, the startup is looking for new capitalization opportunities in other product categories. Where the main one is bottled water, which will grow by 11 billion in the next ten years. Followed by energy drinks, which they represent 7 billion and will reach 12 thousand. To add a 71 percent growth, in the next ten years.

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