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AI based healthcare startup working on nutrition problem

How often do you have dairy products a week, how often does the user eat fish, how often does he eat meat? In four minutes, the freshly launched Nucaria wants to find out more from the user in an online questionnaire. A personalized mix of nutritional supplements, which is then delivered to your home for 30 days in a box. This Berlin-based startup has now gained a partner for this idea, Dortmund based IT service provider Adesso.

At first glance, the mixture seems unusual. One is a self appointed health tech, which focuses on the booming market of nutritional supplements. And other is an IT company with more than 3,100 employees, whose core business is software development for large SMEs and corporations.

Last summer, Adesso and a doctor founded the IT startup MediOne, which aims to develop a communications solution for medical professionals. However, the core business of Nucaria is actually a little further away from the core industries of Adesso.

AI should make the mixing smarter

Adesso still see their strategic role in Nucaria. In the second step, it goes to the startup to the use of artificial intelligence. This should be used for the combination and evaluation of the current 250 data points. AI should support the optimization of personal needs and the production of individual food supplements. In addition, the technical basis for the sales of Adesso should be set up.

The Nucaria founders, the brothers Peer and Soeren Soetebeer, put it right. They are pleased about a strategic technology partner, who could also help with management. With ten employees, the startup is currently working on new product mixes and distribution channels.

The contact came about through inQventures, Adesso’s incubator. At least four startups are to be supported here each year. With the focus on newly founded companies in particular even before initial startup financing. The IT service provider had recently also participated in other startups. For example, the amateur soccer platform is supported by the Dortmunders. Last year, Adesso also acquired a majority stake in Com2m, a platform for the connected industry.

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