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Tag: Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence keeps expanding: Meet the new approach

Their connection was created by the original start-up technology Hilbi. Your ecosystem evaluates your health and enables solutions thousands of miles from home. All you need is an internet connection. The start-up introduced itself at the international conference “Future of Health Summit 2019”. It was developed by Slovaks and won…

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13 telemedicine startups everyone should know about

Digitization in the healthcare sector is in full swing. But it takes endless time until all obstacles have been eliminated. No wonder everyone, including politics, doctors, pharmacists and the patients, have their own interests, which they want to enforce. Last year, however, the German Medical Association at least already paved…

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Blockchain systems optimize healthcare firms data management

New York-based technology giant IBM is reportedly working with leading US health care providers to improve the way confidential patient information is managed. The patient data will be maintained in a database management system based on blockchain. By participating in the initiative to better manage medical claims processes, while also…

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