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Anthos: Google’s brand new cloud computing feature

The new service of the technological giant Google will be based on open source. And its focus will be the reliability, productivity and governance of IT by companies that are being transformed digitally.

Google announced during its annual conference on cloud computing, Next, its new feature called Anthos. It is a hybrid platform, which allows any company to adopt a public cloud infrastructure with several providers.

The announcement aims to facilitate the work of managers and IT professionals who still fear, by migrating to the cloud, being hooked to a single provider.

What Anthos has to offer

Anthos includes Google Cloud products and services designed for companies focused on concepts such as reliability, productivity and IT governance. In this way, companies can combine data and applications that are within their infrastructure. Making use of public clouds through different cloud providers.

With this announcement, Google focuses on enabling companies to migrate to the cloud, regardless of when they are in the process of digital transformation. According to data from the IDC consultancy released in January, it is expected that by 2024, 80% of the main 1,000 companies in the region make use of hybrid technologies or implement multi-cloud strategies.

“Since last year we have been talking about the idea of offering a service platform in the cloud,” says João Bolonha, director of Google Cloud for Latin America. He adds, “The ability to use several clouds in a simple way and integrated with existing systems, represents a great opportunity in the market. Which will allow companies to be closer to a world in which an application can be registered once and its code it can work anywhere.”

Alliance of more than 30 hardware, software and systems partners

In turn, Google also announced in Next, an alliance that integrates more than 30 hardware, software and systems partners. The list includes allies such as Cisco, Dell EMC, HPE, VMware, Intel, Lenovo, ATOS and Deloitte, among other firms.

Google made reference to the two new regions in which Cloud will operate from the first quarter of 2020. The first will be in Seoul, South Korea and the second in Salt Lake City, United States. These two regions are added to the other two, previously announced in Osaka, Japan. Which will start operating in the coming weeks and in Jakarta, Indonesia available for the first quarter of 2020.

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