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Apple buys a speech application startup

Apple has purchased a San Francisco-based startup focused on developing and publishing voice applications. Pullstring is the name of the startup. For Apple, it could be an important factor in Siri’s improvement and also bridge the gap with Amazon Alexa.

The acquisition of PullString could play an important role for Apple as it continues to work on improving Siri. Siri is in contrast to the other two language assistance systems from Amazon and Google in many areas behind and could quite tolerate fresh wind.

Originally founded in 2011, Pullstring initially concentrated on the development of interactive speech applications for children’s toys. Later, the company expanded its focus and focused on IoT products for Amazon Echo and the Google Assistant.

Pullstring raised around $ 44 million in venture capital from companies such as CRV, Greylock, True Ventures, Khosla Ventures and First Round Capital. The rating should be over 160 million US dollars. What Apple paid for it is not known, but Axios believes that Apple has taken Pullstring at a relatively low price.

Before great euphoria erupts that Siri will soon be significantly better, it should be said that Apple is constantly buying companies, but have no direct influence on the course. Often, it’s all about taking on skilled new employees who work for these companies.

John Giannandrea, who heads Apple’s AI and Machine Learning division, said he plans to roll out Apple’s existing artificial intelligence strategy.

Giannandrea oversees the AI and Machine Learning strategy across all Apple products and services and the development of Core ML and Siri techniques. By emphasizing its own position in the AI leadership team, Apple once again highlights the importance of machine learning.

Apple’s AI activities are designed to empower customers with more personal, smarter, and more natural interactions while protecting users’ privacy.

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