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Apple acquisition: Apple buys Startup Laserlike

In recent years, Apple has increasingly focused on buying smaller startups, instead of coming up with a major acquisition. An Apple acquisition from last year should refer to the startup Laserlike.

Apple acquisition of Startup Laserlike

This is currently being reported by The Information, which was the first to announce the deal between Apple and Laserlike. An Apple spokesman has responded to demand typical of takeovers opinion that Apple from time to time buys smaller companies and not comment on this.

Even if this is not a confirmation, it has been derived in the past regularly a takeover by Apple. Laserlike specializes in machine learning, especially the development of an interest-based search engine in the form of an app.

Laserlike focuses on machine learning

So for each user on the basis of his interests messages, videos and more should be displayed, quasi personalized news. How Apple wants to use the technologies of Laserlike for themselves and how much money Apple has paid for the acquisition, is currently unknown.

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