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Best 7 fintechs that are improving the economic condition of Peru

Fintech is a new financial system that applies the advances of technology to improve and enhance economic activities, obtaining a better result of them. It is a set of technological tools aimed at the efficient and agile management of finance and business. In Peru these tools are being implemented in various business models so many entrepreneurs wonder what are the best Fintech in Peru.

Fintech of Peru

The Fintechs are usually startups that specialize in products based on new technologies and that seek to offer customers financial solutions adapted to the new challenges that arise in this digital age. That is why, if you are an entrepreneur in Peru, to get the best results you must know which are the best Fintech in Peru.

Latin Fintech

Latin Fintech is one of the best StartUp Fintech in Peru and focuses on the granting of online consumer loans through its technological platform. Offering its clients efficient, fast financing solutions and with the support of a professional team that together with a high-tech system for credit risk analysis. They make Latin Fintech the ideal option for entrepreneurs in Peru.

The line of online loans is the most widespread Fintech segment in Peru. Dominating approximately 25% of the total Fintech in this country. Which was positioned in 2018 as the third country in the Andean region in number of startups Fintech.


Culqi is one of the best Fintech in Peru in the payments segment as it seeks to simplify the way. In which payments are made with credit cards and other means in Peru with practical, easy and safe processes. It offers payment processing services to large companies as well as to small entrepreneurs that are starting or growing, offering solutions adapted to their needs and focused on their development and accessibility. With Culqi you can:

  • Automate collection in your business or company
  • Make sales through more channels on the internet
  • Control your sales in real time
  • Validate transactions with their security systems and reduce fraud

Tienda Pago

Tienda Pago is another Fintech in the online loan segment that offers financing to supply your small and medium business with the working capital you need. It is a financial solution for retailers in which Tienda Pago finances the main consumer products to increase their sales and profits.


Independence in a Peruvian Fintech that offers you the possibility of accessing an online loan quickly, securely and 100% digitally, without banking procedures, lines or paperwork. In Independencia you just have to fill out the form in your web portal, wait for the offers that you will have available according to your evaluation, choose the one that best suits you and receive the money in your bank account. It is consolidated as one of the best Fintech in Peru in the online financing segment.

Hell Zum

Hello Zum is an emerging company of Insurtech which has developed a policy management system for multiple operators to manage the sales. And after sales processes in the insurance industry, reducing the time of issuance of insurance policies thanks to its system of Direct integration and digitally to insurance companies.

Innova Factoring

Innova Factoring is born as a Fintech of Business Finance Management that allows your company or business to obtain the money from your invoices with a lower commission. And in less time than with the traditional banking system, without hidden fees and with interest rates transparent to strengthen the confidence of its customers. In addition, it allows you to access online financing based on the invoices you have receivable.

These are some of the best Fintech in Peru, with which you can maximize the efficiency of your business, boost your small business, start your business and improve your efforts in times of rapid response, without paperwork or rows and supported by new technologies for the management of your finances. What is the Fintech you need for your business or company?

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