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Best Alternatives To AWS Textract

AWS Textract is an OCR API that automatically extracts printed and handwritten data from any document. Here, you will find alternatives to this API.

APIs In A Modern World

Our world is fast-growing and modern. It revolves and surrounds around data. This means, details, facts, experiences, and more. Through the analysis of data, the world learns and moves forward with upgrades and advances. We can evidence such a statement with the technological revolution we are undergoing.  Also, it is a revolution we are subjects, spectators, and allies. 

We can evidence this in all areas of the world. After all, we are the first in line when it comes to technological advances. For instance, in companies, on social media, on websites, and even in our own homes. Application Programming Interfaces are part of this. Developers and technology companies are constantly improving and enhancing them. The AWS Textract API is a powerful example.

AWS Textract

AWS Textract

As I just mentioned at the beginning of this article, the AWS Textract API is an Optical Character Recognition API that enhances the extraction of text. It has the ability to capture the relationships, structure, and text from the documents. Hence, it is an API that will simplify the use and practice of these data.

Evidently, thanks to all the progress we have accomplished as a society, lots of clever  APIs have resulted from this. The AWS Textract API is one. These tools have successfully achieved to automate jobs that take away time and money. Also, to have easier access to information thanks to its capabilities to digitize documents. 

Consequently, all kinds of industries will benefit from the use of OCR APIs like AWS Textract. For instance, the banking industry can identify better the data from checks; airports can work better with tickets; hospitals can get easier access to receipts, and so on.

AWS Textract Alternatives

AWS Textract

Optical Character Recognition API

If you are looking for more affordable alternatives but still powerful and accurate, the Optical Character Recognition API is a great option. Just like AWS Textract, the OCR API thrives on machine learning. Hence, it will extract textual data carefully but forcefully. The API works just like a human brain would. This means it captures titles, numbers, paragraphs, and so on.

The Optical Character Recognition API brings to the table the advantage of simplifying tasks that could take several days. Therefore, it will reduce it in minutes. As a result, you will gain a tool that will enhance several practices that involve data on images and documents.

AWS Textract


Now let’s talk about Docparser. This application programming interface also provides solutions that focus on the extraction of data. The API does not need any type of coding to perform, you can define your own rules regarding the type of your document.

AWS Textract


To end with AWS Textract options, I add Taggun. This OCR API’s center of attention is the recognition of receipts. The API will automate the extraction of the information on this type of document and organize it.

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