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Best OCR APIs To Identify Traveling Tickets.

Here you will find the description of the best OCR APIs to identify traveling tickets. This is excellent information for agencies, airports, airlines, and more!

Application Programming Interfaces

Thanks to the evolution and advances in the technologies that surround industries and companies, manual work has been left behind. Since the amount of documentation and data has essentially grown over the last decades, digitization and automation have come to rule the world. After all, these two characteristics provide better outcomes. The popular use of APIs represents some of the technological improvements we are talking about.

“APIs “which is an easier term to refer to application programming interfaces, enhances how companies perceive data and work. These key instruments allow working with data in a simple way. Hence, most APIs possess essential features that made such tasks easier. For instance, the extraction of text data, the categorization of information, and more. All of these features are commonly found in OCR APIs.


OCR APIs & Traveling Tickets

When it comes to the traveling industry, the amount of information it has to constantly analyze and work with is infinite. Companies of this kind have reviewed personal documentation (passports), invoices, travel tickets, and so on. Hence, an OCR API is an essential tool. 

OCR APIs work with Artificial Intelligence that is capable to analyze and handle lots of data in just one look. Essentially, OCR APIs have the ability to go through unstructured texts so they can extract and digitize them. Consequently, companies won’t have to focus on having to perform those tasks manually.

For instance, something that never stops in the traveling industry is the immensity of tickets. Therefore, the businesses that rely on them must look for ways how to have a good organization of tickets. Also, ways how to gather and identify all the data in one same digital space. The only way to achieve this is through OCR APIs.



Optical Character Recognition API

The Optical Character Recognition API will help companies identify traveling tickets in seconds. This API performs just like a human eye would capture texts on images.

Therefore, it will extract and digitize the texts on tickets with complete ease. As a result, airports, airlines, and more companies can guarantee a safe environment for the data. Plus a better identification of such tickets.

Moreover, something that characterizes the API is its fast and powerful JSON responses.  The OCR API only relys on the URL of the tickets to be able to carry out these actions. 


OCR Space

If you still want to get to know other options to identify traveling tickets, try OCR Space. The API will get you all the data and texts of the tickets. Yes, this includes names, dates, destinations, and more! You will have it all in one answer.



With the artificial intelligence-based OCR SDK of ABBY, companies will receive excellent text recognition, PDF conversion, and data capture capabilities. As a consequence, they can convert scanned documents to PDF files.

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