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Best Alternatives To Travelperk In 2022

Are you looking for alternatives to Travelperk in 2022? In this post, we suggest three options for APIs!

The travel sector, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council, or W.T.T.C., is a large contributor to global carbon emissions, accounting for between 8% and 11% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Aviation is responsible for around 17% of worldwide travel-related carbon emissions.

Best Alternatives To Travelperk In 2022

If you work in the travel sector, you should utilize an application programming interface (API), which is the most effective way to get statistics on CO2 emissions generated by your company. Furthermore, it estimates carbon emissions in real-time on a transaction-by-transaction basis. It can determine how much carbon is released and devise strategies to decrease it.

Several businesses want to understand how their sector impacts the environment so they may make changes. Secondly, the carbon footprint of a firm is frequently utilized in corporate reporting, to disclose the firm’s climate change success to all stakeholders (suppliers, customers, investors, government, and others).

What Is An Application Programming Interface (API)?

Energy is calculated in kWh, real-time transportation is calculated in tons or kilograms, kilometers or miles, and real-time flight projections are calculated based on distance or airport codes.

These are the ones to check if you want to test out carbon APIs. As a consequence of this innovation, your company will be acknowledged for lowering its carbon impact. If you want to make your travel firm more environmentally friendly, have a look at these APIs.

Carbon API

Best Alternatives To Travelperk In 2022

CarbonAPI is a powerful API that calculates your carbon footprint in real-time. You may use this data to participate in green initiatives like environmental conservation and renewable energy to reduce your carbon footprint. CarbonAPI is dedicated to promoting sustainability, accountability, and transparency.

Its mission is to create or promote climate-change-related programs that will help individuals lessen their negative environmental effects. Developers may utilize CarbonAPI to give consumers exact carbon emissions estimates. The quantity of gasoline used and the distance traveled are calculated using the API.


Best Alternatives To Travelperk In 2022

The GoClimate Flight Emissions API calculates how much CO2-equivalents a flight emits per person. They wanted to develop the Flight Emissions API to inform consumers looking for flights about their particular environmental impacts, so they might pick less ecologically destructive flights or modes of transportation.


Best Alternatives To Travelperk In 2022

Third parties may easily incorporate our calculators, balance method, and producing reports into their systems using the Clevel Balance API and Hub (websites, apps, or back-end software). Customers will be able to help reduce their carbon footprint by using their free software, without adding complexity or expenses to their business.

Furthermore, developers may use their REST API to connect their platform to current technologies such as an app, intranet, or booking engine. Their code is platform-agnostic, allowing it to work with any other program or infrastructure.

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