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Track highest USDIRD price in British pound with metals API

Do you investigate the record price of the USDIRD in British pounds with one metals API? We have the right tool for you!

Haven’t you ever read about the alien metal? Iridium got this nickname a long time ago, although the real one comes from the Greek goddess, Iris. She represents the rainbow analogous to the multiple colours of iridium’s salts show. Usually, scientists find this element in meteorites; in contrast, it’s rare to find it on Earth.

Regarding its chemical characteristics, the iridium has white colour along with a fragile, hard and heavy structure. One of the most important attributes is it possesses the most corrosion-resistant element in a solid state of the periodic table. This metal is also a member of the platinum group. In heterogeneous compounds with chlorine, it is possible to produce salts and acids. Besides, it has industrial applications with metals and avoids rust from high-end spark plugs.

The scarcity of this rare metal impacts its price and makes it especially volatile. To give a clear example, compared to gold mining, the annual production of iridium is forty times less. If you’re looking for accurate historical prices on this scarce metal, an API will offer an excellent service in a brief period.

Metals-API to track USD IRD price in British pound

It’s safe to say that, with this metals API, you can have a conversation about USDIRD prices and world currencies in real-time. They describe themselves as a lightweight API, which provides access to bank information on historical, current and fluctuations rates of precious metals and more than 150 currencies.

London Metal Exchange is one of the sources of information they return to, but you can find data from other important stock exchange companies from the first worldwide economies.

The speed’s return depends on the type of subscription you choose. If it’s a paid one, the waiting time will be shorter with the chance of answering in a minute. The language is accessible, but you can learn more about how it works in the Endpoints section of their website:

A guide to using Metals-API to track the highest USD IRD price

1- Look for on the web.
2- Create an account.
3- Read the list of the three-letter code that you need for your research.
4- Make an API call by writing your selected metals in symbols and the chosen currency in its base.

Metals-API for your tranquillity

This API has a bank-level system of security for their clients. Its operation requires little personal information and is encrypted. Finally, if you find yourself with a difficulty that you can’t solve or any doubt, there’s a group willing to help you many hours per day through a telephone call or by email.

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