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Best Alternatives To Veryfi In 2022

If you want to know some alternatives to Veryfi, it must be your lucky day! This article will navigate through some of the best.

Application Programming Interfaces 

APIs are tools that have revolutionalized the world in terms of technology and capabilities. These have managed to become an essential part of workflows, procedures, and more. Of course, such essentiality came from the hand of the new advances that were and still are undergoing. 

An API like Veryfi is the result of advances and new necessities that have emerged in the past twenty years. Even though modern changes started way before, the past years characterize because of how fast companies are transforming. All thanks to the appearance of new technologies, inventions, and necessities.

Therefore, APIs have come to the table to help companies enrich themselves in the best possible way. Hence, the job all APIs share is the provision of data. Specifically, the construction of ways where this provision can happen. Veryfi is an OCR API that gets it and will help with the good execution of companies.


The Veryfi API, An OCR API

OCR APIs are a type of API that focuses on the extraction and categorization of texts or images. Veryfi is one of them! The Verify API captures the importance of bills, invoices, expense receipts, and more. Evidently, it focuses on documents of these kinds that possess a lot of numbers and important information.

Hence, what the Verify API will do is automate the action of capturing the data, structure all in one space, and keep it safe. Consequently, companies wonts have to deal with tons of unorganized but important text going around the business.  This is an API with a lot of power, also one that will power processes. You can find some of the best alternatives to Veryfi in 2022 right now.

Veryfi Alternatives: 


Optical Character Recognition API

The Optical Character Recognition API is a top alternative to Veryfi. This API uses Machine Learning technology which allows the tools to organize and get data from images and documents. It focuses on the extraction of the text so companies can follow to use it in the ways they need.

Moreover, the OCR API will make sure to provide simple and concrete responses. As a consequence, your software will have no problem figuring out the JSON response of the API. A response that only needs the URL of the document in order to succeed.



Another accurate alternative to Veryfi is Docsumo. This API will enable your company to take advantage of all the information that is on the images. This unorganized information will turn into actionable and useful data thanks to such OCR API.



Finally, ABBY is the last alternative to Veryfi. Display shots and graphic files (pictures, images, and Pdf documents) can turn into usable digital formats with ABBY. It characterizes because of its easy implementation and top-class accuracy.

Now you are ready to try them all. To keep learning even more about OCR technology read this article:

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