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Best Disposable Email APIs For QA Developers

Are you looking for the best temporary email address tool available to avoid both loosing time and exposing your personal information? If that is the case, then take a look at this article because here we will introduce you to the best disposable email APIs for QA developers!

Surely as a developer, you already know that launching a new product takes a lot of work and checking details. You must evaluate all possible scenarios in which the new software would act, verify the operation of each method, and correct any flaws or errors that would otherwise cause consumers difficulty.

The best software corporations give great attention  to the final stage of testing to prevent their clients to have any problems with their products. As a result, developers should not only make their work as soon as possible, but also guarantee excellence and quality. Nevertheless, testing procedures are time-consuming and overwhelming.

Best Disposable Email APIs For QA Developers

Thus, the majority of apps necessitate email testing, which typically requires several email addresses sets up. This task can turn to be really hard and annoying. It is well known that in order to create an email account, you must enter your personal details, as well as spending time on it. 

 It goes without saying that no developer team is going to waste time filling out endless email provider registration forms. Along with the wasted time, firm executives and staff will be hesitant to reveal personal information on trivial matters. Furthermore, another issue arises: some newly created email addresses must be used many times, requiring the user to remember or record multiple access passwords.

Those are the reasons why every day more and more developers resort to a third-party solution and  start using temporary email APIs, as they offer a free email service that lets you receive emails with a temporary address that expires after a set amount of time. Tempmail, 10minutemail, 10minmail, throwaway email, fake-mail, bogus email generator, burner mail, or trash-mail are other names for it.

Try these temporary email tools

Best Disposable Email APIs For QA Developers


Mailet is the most advanced disposable email service, helping you avoid spam and stay safe. This API can create several email addresses and redirect their inbox to your main account, so you can read your incoming messages from the UI or API. Thus, you can register on any website, create new social media profiles and avoid spam with these temp addresses. 

Mailet offers different plan, from free to premium, and allow having up to 100 email addresses at the same time, depending on what you choose. Hence, it was created to help developers solve quickly the testing of products that require temporary email access. 

Best Disposable Email APIs For QA Developers


TempMail is perfect when you have  just completed coding a web app, and you want to test it comprehensively before releasing it for sale. In order to help you with that,  it can easily provide 100 disposable emails just with a few clicks, create dummy accounts and test it yourself other than hiring unreliable and expensive users online to test the app.

Best Disposable Email APIs For QA Developers


It is a sophisticated Swiss temporary email software that is very well known by its data security and end-to-end-encryption. Besides, it can be used on any device without software install, as it secures email accounts are fully compatible with other email providers. As a result, you can send and receive emails normally. It was designed to help developers make their work faster by being easy to use and to protect privacy by all means. In case you were wondering, the encryption it uses to ensure email privacy is completely invisible.

Now you are aware of which are the best disposable email APIs available in 2022 for developers. You only need to start trying them and take advantage of their benefits!

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