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Best Email Marketing Software In Australia for 2022

Do you want to carry out email marketing campaigns in Australia? Check this software for your marketing strategy in 2022!

Australia; the world’s sixth-largest country. Population: around 25.69 million people. It can be considered an interesting territory to gain new customers or clients and increase your business sales. Of course, you would have to count on email marketing software to reach your target audience.

Email marketing practices send emails to a database of contacts to recruit new consumers, strengthen connections with existing buyers, generate loyalty, communicate with clients, enhance sales, build confidence in a service or product, and confirm purchase orders.

However, while employing these services, your company must focus on more than email functionalities. You should ensure the tool doesn’t go against the country’s data security regulations. The Australian Privacy Principles (or APPs) revolve around standards regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information, the governance and accountability of an organisation or agency, the integrity and correction of personal information, and the rights of individuals to access their personal data.

Therefore, your company should find an email marketing provider that combines powerful features and stores data legally and securely. And we know exactly what email marketing software does, converting it into our pick for the best tool to start your email campaigns in Australia this year.


Postr might not have been designed specifically for Australian laws. Nevertheless, it complies with the GDPR, the EU-US, and the Swiss-US Privacy Shield frameworks for secure accounts and data. If that doesn’t make this service APPs-friendly, nothing will.

What’s more, Postr is all in for customisation. Due to the idea personalisation increases conversions, the platform gives you complete control over your email campaigns. And if managing the tables and incline CSS aren’t your thing, don’t worry! There are free, responsive HTML templates –and guidelines– available to create your campaigns. This way, you can boost open rates up to 70%.

Furthermore, Postr focuses on high deliverability by ensuring every single email sent gets to the recipient’s inbox on time, no matter the industry. In fact, this solution is committed to expanding your company’s audience at an affordable budget, even if you offer or sell blackballed material such as adult content, cryptocurrencies, B2B casinos, gambling websites, CBD brands, pharmaceutical products and Affiliate Marketing.

Overall, you only have to pay for what you send, with no hidden fees, allowing you to send more emails. Try Postr‘s free plan to get a taste of its features. It enables you to send 1,000 emails to a list of up to 200 subscribers monthly.

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