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Free Email Marketing Tools for Early-stage Startups

The word “startup” is used as an all-encompassing for growing companies. But, depending on size and industry, growing brands aren’t always just “startups.” For instance, people frequently confuse early-stage startups with growth-stage or medium companies, but the two are very different. In the early stages of a startup, you’re still…

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Email Marketing Software for Insurtech Startups

Insurtech has changed nearly every part of the insurance business, arising the development of simpler products and consumer-friendly services.  It has been most perceptible in the personal insurance world, where customer-facing phone apps, auto monitoring devices, and wearable activity tracking tools have allowed consumers to find new benefits from their…

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Email Marketing Software for Fintech Startups

Technology and innovation have always been part of the business world, whether it’s the introduction of debit or credit cards in the 1950s or automatic teller machines, electronic trading floors, finance apps, and high-frequency consumption in the following years.  The essence behind financial technology changes from project to project, app…

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Email Marketing Tools for Proptech Startups

Innovation is giving markets and sectors new devices to improve their services by removing inefficiencies, cutting costs, and offering different solutions. Proptech is one of these new devices that are transforming the real estate industry.  How does it work? PropTech means using modern technologies in the real estate industry. This…

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Top 5 Email Marketing Software for Restaurants in 2021

Introduction  Email marketing is a way of communicating directly with your clients and providing a restaurant the fantastic opportunity to get them back through your door. Nowadays, with the extended use of smartphones and easier access to the email inbox, email marketing is not just highly relevant but a vital…

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