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Best OCR API For Text Recognition In Chinese

Read this article to get familiarized with the benefits of APIs in working processes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are set to be one of the major voices in technology in 2022. A growing number of organizations are recognizing the competitive advantages of having platforms enhanced by AI that can integrate all data related to any business to improve their processes, automate functions or make critical decisions quickly, with minimal human interaction. 

In a survey done by Harvard Business Review among entrepreneurs who have used AI technologies, three quarters believe that they will significantly boost and change their businesses over the next three years. In this case,  three key needs that are already being met by these applications were identified: automating business processes, identifying opportunities through data analysis, and strengthening relationships with customers and employees, all in real-time.

For process automation, AI leverages the advantages of Machine Learning to identify repetitive, time-consuming processes and generate the possible solutions that an organization should provide, based on historical data and releasing the need for human interaction. Over time, machine learning has become more specialized and can now process many different types of information.

OCR technology allows the analysis of visual images and documents and easily converts them to text. It can analyze alphanumeric characters, but also special characters and handwriting. This powerful tool works embedded in work platforms and allows data entry to be done automatically, streamlining many processes and reducing the human workforce to where it is most efficient.

How Do OCR APIs Work?

APIs are digital tools, specifically, they are interfaces. They are so called because they generate a permanent connection with external data sources that provide the platforms in which they are integrated with external functions or information. These APIs are very easy-going for developers to integrate into work platforms, websites, or applications. OCR APIs have the ability to analyze images, recognize the characters they contain, and being able to convert that information to text.

OCR technology can process letters, numbers, and symbols without any trouble. They also recognize handwriting, which is important for certain businesses. After parsing and processing, the text can be exported in a variety of formats, such as docs, excel tables, or even commands within a process chain. There are multiple APIs on the market, but we suggest you try a simple but extremely reliable API, Optical Character Recognition API.

About Optical Character Recognition API

Optical Character Recognition API is a high-performance and highly accurate digital tool. Just with the image URL, you will be able to extract all the text in JSON format, among other programming languages, or regular text extensions. The image must be in a regular JPEG or PNG format. This reduces human intervention and frame of error. This information can be exported in many formats such as Excel, or as we’ve said programming language. This API has a pretty unique categorization feature. With it, information can be quickly organized into thousands of categories, which can be preset, or can also be customized categories and named according to different needs.

OCR APIs recognize alphanumeric characters, but they can also recognize special characters and handwriting. Working with AI, and machine learning engines you have a guarantee that it improves continuously. It is so simple to implement that it is hard to believe it! It counts with a user-friendly interface and works with almost every programming language. You will be able to integrate it and start experiencing its results in no time! Don’t hesitate and try Optical Character Recognition API.  

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