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Top 3 Optical Character Recognition APIs For Educators

Read this article to get an insight into the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and APIs for improving working processes.

Businesses have begun to see advancements in their productivity and profitability after investing in new digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, that emulate the way their employees relate to technology in their daily lives. With intelligent automation and self-service tools, companies can improve the relationship with their employees and encourage the workforce to realize their goals.

During the pandemic, improving the relationship with digital devices and new technologies within the workplace became a necessity, as a substantial component of remote work, to the extent that 65% of employees felt more efficient working from home. For that reason, many companies have decided to make technology a key business asset.

Top 3 Optical Character Recognition APIs For Educators

The possibilities of these technologies allow companies to select useful data, and work it in a more efficient way. They do this by being able to recognize information from images or documents and organize it into categories. Machine Learning is integrated into several tools which have different uses, they not only take into account texts and numbers, but also other inputs, such as conversations, audio, or images. 

Optical Character Recognition APIs are AI-powered tools that process images of different types in order to translate that information into text, that can be exported in multiple forms. As for educators, this helps to process efficiently tests, and personal documentation into the education facility system. This allows companies to digitize much-needed information with almost no margin of error and uncomparably fast if we compare it with the human workforce.

What OCR Technology Is And What Is Its Importance?

Optical Character Recognition technology is a tool that works with Artificial Intelligence. It consists of the ability to recognize characters by analyzing visual information, in documents or images, in order to convert it to text. APIs were developed as a way to carry out these functions without developers having to create them themselves from zero. They work integrated into digital platforms and support websites and applications.

OCR APIs revolutionized the way companies function. They are key to boosting business productivity as they make it possible to automate processes, liberate workers from heavy work, and do tasks that were previously manual incomparably faster and with almost no margin for error. It’s just a matter of trying to see the positive outcome. There are many options on the market, so we recommend a reliable API called Optical Character Recognition API.

Top 3 Optical Character Recognition APIs For Educators

Top 3 Optical Character Recognition APIs For Educators

Optical Character Recognition API

This API works with IA and machine learning engines which constantly improve its performance. With its special categorization feature, this API fits information into many preset or customized categories. It can even detect objects and faces and read printed and handwritten text, further as key metadata. All this API needs to work is a URL.

Google Document AI

Top 3 Optical Character Recognition APIs For Educators

This API is a unified console, which distinguishes it from the majority that must be integrated into platforms in order to work. It automatically processes and classifies documents in up to 200 languages and extracts valuable information from images that is converted into different formats. Google Document AI can operate without human intervention which is a particular asset.

Top 3 Optical Character Recognition APIs For Educators

This tool is cutting edge in working with AI. It distinguishes itself from the rest because it is an out-of-the-box API. This means that it does not require human intervention. Like the others, it works with OCR, image recognition, and data extraction. It also uses cloud technology, which is great for data storage.

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