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Best OCR APIs For Extracting Text From Social Network Images

Read this article to learn about OCR technology and how it has helped businesses everywhere.

Optical Character Recognition technology emerged in the 1970s as a solution for learning with visually impaired people, but some companies saw the great potential of this technology for transferring physical text to computers. In the 1990s, OCR technology became popular in the digitization of historical newspapers, and in the following decades, it had great advances and improvements in its methodologies. Reaching the current solutions that have the ability to offer near-perfect OCR accuracy.

This technology involves a classic scanning process, as it is able to digitize all types of files quickly. It can also recognize and examine printed or handwritten characters. The task of passing many of these documents to platforms such as Word or Excel could be very time-consuming, and that is precisely what OCR technology saves. As we say, this, in addition to saving time, saves a great deal of physical space. Its scanning capacity is not only limited to physical text documents but also PDF files or photographs, among others, can be digitized.

When companies use this technology, they can increase their efficiency. Imagine what it would mean in terms of time savings when it comes to accounting for tens or hundreds of different meals, parking, restaurant, train, fuel, etc. tickets. It is very powerful for all types of companies including SMEs, as it allows you to electronically store all kinds of files such as invoices, receipts, bank checks, projects, contracts, payrolls, etc. 

OCR technology is integrated into business processes through interfaces. APIs are a simple way to integrate this function into work platforms or applications through a programming language. There are a wide variety of APIs, Application Programming Interfaces. They have helped companies improve by automating processes, and aiding in better time management. 

Optical Character Recognition: How Does It Work?

Optical Character Recognition technology has improved tremendously over the years. Today it is very sophisticated and can easily convert a large number of images to text. Depending on what process it is integrated into, the images can be provided by a URL, or a camera, among many possibilities. First, an analysis is performed to detect the structure of the text, and then what type of characters need to be converted.

These APIs can recognize alphanumeric characters, as well as special characters that have certain languages or symbols. They are great for processing both scanned documents and social network images. There are a wide variety of APIs, so we recommend you try Optical Character Recognition API, an API that with just one URL can process a large number of images. 

More About Optical Character Recognition API

If you were looking for a tool that can easily integrate and process large amounts of data, then Optical Character Recognition API is for you. This premium API works wonders. It can recognize alphanumeric characters, special characters, and even handwriting, as long as the text is read horizontally. 

This API works with Artificial Intelligence, constantly improving its performance. This is due to its sophisticated recategorization system. It allows you to classify information into a variety of preset categories, or lets you customize them to fit your needs. In addition, it recognizes most programming languages, so getting started will be very easy. Try the Optical Character Recognition API to extract information quickly and effectively. 

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