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Try This OCR API To Extract Irish Text From Images

Read this article to get an insight into OCR technology and the benefits it brought to companies around the world.

There are many technologies that can help companies become more efficient. The goal in most cases is to leverage it to save time or automate tasks, to make the workforce more efficient and productive. Many businesses are already making use of Artificial Intelligence, which also makes many tedious tasks less so. One example is OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, which is based on optical character recognition.

Despite the changes brought about by digital transformation, in many companies, there are still processes in which documents are analyzed and classified manually. It is precisely to speed up and automate these processes that optical character recognition (OCR) tools were born. In general, these are intelligent applications capable of recognizing letters, words, numbers, symbols, etc. in documents through a camera (for example, that of a cell phone).

Try This OCR API To Extract Irish Text From Images

This allows such innovative actions as translation and transcription of texts in real-time, and significant time savings in accounting tasks. Gone are the days of ink and paper, which gave way to typewriters and computers, which revolutionized office work. OCR technology was a revolution for logistics companies, banks, translation companies, and legal entities.

OCR technology is implemented in processes, through APIs. APIs are interfaces that are integrated into digital platforms, be they work operating systems, websites, or mobile applications. There are APIs of a great variety, and yet it is an incipient market. They can be marketed through individual E-commerce but are concentrated in API Marketplaces. 

How Does OCR Technology Work?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This technology allows visual images to be converted to text. Some systems do this from a camera, others from a URL. The system works by first recognizing the structure in the image and then separating the characters and recognizing what type of characters they are. In general, they can recognize at least alphanumeric characters, although some APIs recognize special characters or handwriting. 

Because it is embedded in processes, it often helps to automate processes. It is very practical for logistics companies, for reading labels, or for legal or translation issues, as it can process many languages quickly. Not all available APIs are the same, so we recommend trying Optical Character Recognition API which works fast and has remarkable attributes.

Try This OCR API To Extract Irish Text From Images

More About Optical Character Recognition API

This API is known for its ability to process large amounts of data in a short time. Working with artificial intelligence, this API minimizes the margin of error and provides great results. It can recognize alphanumeric characters, as well as special characters and even handwriting. It only needs a URL to work and will provide the converted information in moments. 

Optical Character Recognition API has a very sophisticated classification system, with thousands of preset categories. If you wish, you can modify them to suit your needs. It is a very easy-to-use API, and as it is compatible with most programming languages you can easily integrate it into your work platform. Try Optical Character Recognition API to have a brilliant tool at your disposal.

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