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Best OCR APIs In Javascript

Read this article to learn about OCR technologies and why they’re transforming businesses worldwide.

Machine learning artificial intelligence technologies had some effects on software deployment, especially in the software development paradigm, where developers frequently upgrade programs or applications to newer versions, such as increased efficiency in deployment control tasks.

Specifically, machine learning algorithms will allow the software to learn how specific users behave. This learned behavior helps it respond to different actions by delivering variable content and automatically adjusting font size, buttons, and page elements. Such responsiveness results in a dynamic software experience that extracts real-time user interaction data and uses it to drive improvements as developers make changes to the code.

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What Is An OCR API?

OCR APIs have revolutionized the way we process data. Let’s start with the first thing. APIs are digital tools, and interfaces, that work integrated into platforms or websites through code. These APIs generate a connection to external information sources, which can provide information or certain functions. OCR APIs can provide certain software with Optical Character Recognition functionality. 

OCR technology can process images and convert them into text, whether they are photos, pdf, drawings, etc. It recognizes not only numbers and letters, but also signs, icons, and special characters. It works by assimilating the image, breaking it down into parseable structures (sentences, words, characters), and then finding their written equivalent. The beauty of these APIs is that they convert that information to text in some format, or can even convert it directly to code.

This technology is especially useful for companies that handle large amounts of information. It is also useful for companies that work with handwritten information, such as medical prescriptions or invoices. OCR APIs will speed up the time it takes to collect valuable information and help you sort it. As we have already mentioned, these tools really make a difference, and little by little large companies are incorporating them.

Best OCR APIs In Javascript

There are many options on the market, and we suggest investigating their particularities and seeing which programming languages are supported by them. We bring you 3 outstanding options in the market.

Optical Character Recognition API
This API works with machine-learning engines that are constantly improving their performance. With its unique categorization feature, this API fits information into millions of preset categories. It can detect objects and faces and then assign labels. It can also read printed and handwritten text and key metadata. The only thing this API needs to work is a URL.

Google Document AI
This API is a unified console, unlike others that are embeddable in platforms. It automatically processes documents, classifying them, and extracting valuable data from them. Google Document AI can operate without human intervention, constantly improving with AI. Another unique attribute is that it supports 200 languages.

Amazon Textract
Amazon Textract can automatically extract printed, handwritten, and other types of information from documents. Thanks to its machine-learning engines it can interpret information instantly, without manual intervention, and without the need to adjust the code.

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