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Docsumo Alternatives And Similar Sites

Are you looking for OCR APIs alternatives that suit your business needs? Are you aware of the differences and benefits? Read this article to learn about Artificial Intelligence, OCR technology, and information on some popular OCR APIs.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way developers work, resulting in significant increases in productivity, quality, and speed. Everything from project planning and estimation to quality testing and user experience can benefit from AI algorithms. AI saves time and costs, and that is why smart business owners prefer it.

It is predicted that approximately 80% of companies are investing in AI, and 47% of digitally advanced companies are already defining AI strategies.  One of the major developments in AI software development is AI-enabled coding applications that incorporate “auto-completion” into the software development process to increase speed and accuracy during the coding process.  

What Is An OCR API?

OCR stands for Optical Recognition Character. What is that? The name of a new digital function that some tools can provide. It allows to recognize photos, images, and characters, and then transform them into text. Congratulations this function has been converted into accessible tools. With technological progress, we could even think that this was possible years ago. 

APIs are interfaces, i.e. tools that provide permanent connections to other sources of information, providing platforms or websites with global information or external functions. They have really changed the way of developing sites or platforms, you had to create from scratch absolutely everything, today developing using APIs is more like making a collage of code.

OCR technology is especially useful for companies that have to process information in physical formats or photographs. Such as companies that analyze automobile violations, logistics companies that have to deal with a lot of receipts, or even medical companies that process pharmaceutical prescriptions, and medical history.

Docsumo Alternatives And Similar Sites

Docsumo is a recognized OCR API, however, it is not the only one on the market. We know that variety responds to demand, so it is important to know alternatives and look for one that suits your needs. Here are 3 alternatives that stand out in the market. 

Optical Character Recognition API
This API works with machine-learning engines that are constantly improving their performance. With its unique categorization feature, this API fits information into millions of preset categories. It can detect objects and faces and then assign labels. It can also read printed and handwritten text and key metadata. The only thing this API needs to work is a URL.

Abby Flexcapture
This OCR API can process almost any type of document. It is particularly good for parsing and sorting large files, and folders with a large number of individual files. This API has a classification system that stands out from other APIs.

This API is particularly efficient for transforming visual information into code, supporting JSON, text, and XML formats. It can recognize scanned documents, receipts, and photos and convert them to text easily. Cloudmersive has machine-learning engines that improve your processes. It can parse, process and convert in up to 90 languages.

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