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Best Rewriting API For Marketing Companies!

Is coming up with new ideas to sell your product or service impossible? Do you feel like you have already used every single good idea to promote it? Do not worry. We present you with the new tool that every marketing team is talking about. This API offers you a new form to paraphrase and rewrite your texts!

Using high-quality services is always a must when talking about marketing. There are one too many fake apps that say to be a tool that they are actually not. Fall promises and bad service is not n issue you will have ever again. Plaraphy API is the finest rewriting tool out there. This cutting-edge AI paraphrasing system will rewrite any textual content you want. All those new slogans and catchy phrases you needed to come up with won’t be a problem anymore. In just a second you will have a whole new text. And do not worry about plagiarism with this API. This tool avoids it completely. This rephrasing API is just what you and your team need for many reasons. It is a fine and efficient system that grants an immediate quality service to anyone who requires it. But there is more to this tool than just rewriting and paraphrasing.

What else is there about this tool?

This API offers you four main features to use it for. That means that you will find four different and unique endpoints. The first endpoint is the one to paraphrase. You can pass any text that is up to 1,000 characters per time and get it rewritten or expressed in a different manner. The second endpoint is a sentiment analyzer. This one gets the sentiment that any phrase or expression contains. It is very helpful to know if your slogan reads as positive, neutral or negative. This third endpoint will summarize your text. You just have to select what percentage of the words you want to summarize. And finally, the fourth endpoint. With this one, you will be able to retrieve from any article text, essential keywords or even summarize them!

Best Rewriting API For Marketing Companies!
Plaraphy API will help you have the most catchy slogan for your brand!

Is there more?

Of course! This rephrasing API is not only meant for marketing teams. As well as them, anyone can use it. Writers or content creators may be the most vulnerable and closer to writer’s block. We know how frustrating they are and how they delay your work. That’s why we recommend using this API tool so that your creativity is limitless. Developers will find it promising too. With this rewriting tool, you will achieve the perfect texts for your website or app. And even students can purchase it! From now on writing will be faster and full of learning.

So how does Plaraphy API work?

Since the API’s goal is to help with their writing to many different people, it is extremely simple to use. First, you will sign up and get a personal API access key. This key is a combination of digits that no one but you will have or know. This is what grants you access to the API’s endpoints. And then you just have to authenticate with the Plaraphy REST API.

Depending on what you want to happen to your text, you will choose which endpoint to use.

And the pricing?

Plaraphy API is an affordable tool. There are three different packages to pick from. Firstly, there is the “Pro” plan. This plan includes 1,000 characters per request and 10,000 requests a month for $59.99 USD. Secondly, you have the “Ultra” plan. This one offers 1,000 characters per request as well but 100,000 requests a month for $179.99 USD. Thirdly, you can pick the “Scale” plan. This last one includes up to 5,000 characters per request and 750,000 requests a month for $899.99 USD.

Best Rewriting API For Marketing Companies!
Plaraphy API‘s website

Don’t forget to check the Plaraphy API website. If you have further questions contact us through our email at [email protected]. And if your questions require immediate response our chatting room will be the solution between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m (GMT+1).

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