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Best Softwares To Create Random Email Addresses

Are you looking for tools that can help you create fake email accounts? Then, read to the end because here we will tell you all you need to know about the best softwares to create random email addresses!

Random email addresses are nowadays the best solution to prevent your email inbox from being flooded with mail you don’t want to receive. Nowadays, counting with only one email account may lead into a lot of trouble. Especially if you use it for all sorts of staff, like personal mailing, social media, work or subscriptions to different APIs.

Furthermore, if you are a developer or a company manager, a shortage of storage space could be disastrous. If you just use one email address for work, for example, you may end up with a full mailbox and be unable to receive new messages. Your emails will bounce in this case, and you will never be able to read them.

Best Softwares To Create Random Email Addresses

That are the reasons why every day more and more people have started to use temporary email services. These cutting-edge software programs are ready to help you create new email addresses and never worry about running out of space in your inbox again. 

As a result, you won’t have to waste time providing personal information that is typically demanded in standard email services. Thus, by creating random email addresses, you will not have to tolerate anymore “verification emails” on your main inbox, that are often required in order to be able to use a service. 

As you can see, benefits are a lot, and you should take advantage of them. So, in order to help you find the best temporary email generator API, we will introduce you to the ones we consider to be the best.

Best Softwares To Create Random Email Addresses


This API was created using cutting-edge technology to assist users all around the world in creating one-hour disposable email accounts. Mailet also ensures that their inboxes are redirected to the email address you specify. You can read incoming emails using its user interface or API if you use it.

In addition, when you sign up for Mailet, you will receive three days of free service. If you wish to keep using it, though, you may upgrade to the Basic or Pro plan for a week or a month, respectively. You can also have up to 100 email addresses at once, depending on your preferences. For all that reasons, we consider Mailet as the best temporary email address API.

Best Softwares To Create Random Email Addresses

10 Minute Mail

You can establish an email address that will expire in 10 minutes using this platform. It’s typically used by those who need to create an account on a service that requires an email address to create and send email verification to. Despite the fact that the expiration date is quite short, you can still check the emails in the account you created.

Best Softwares To Create Random Email Addresses

Proton Mail

Another option you should consider is Proton Mail. It’s a sophisticated Swiss temporary email application with end-to-end encryption and data security. This way, nobody will be able to access the inbox of the temporary email address you create. As a result, it can be used on any device without the need to install software, making it extremely convenient and user-friendly.

Now you are familiar with the best softwares to create random email addresses. You should start using them now and see which of them suits your needs better!

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