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Best Speech Synthesisers To Define Your Brand

Do you want your brand to stand out? Check the speech synthesisers!

A method of identifying your company is through branding. It’s how people recognise and interact with your company. Therefore, a successful brand is more than simply a logo. It highlights your company’s unique qualities, strengths, and “personality” to differentiate it from the competitors. As a result, customers will remember your business, have more faith in your products or services and trust them. This way, clients are more likely to stick with the company.

But text-to-speech or TTS (text-based materials converted into lifelike uttered audio) technology is a game-changer. Voice is a distinguishing feature of the human experience that allows us to have a deeper emotional connection. Thus, the emotion and influence of voice engagement on your brand’s perception are unrivalled.

Best Speech Synthesisers To Define Your Brand

Consequently, speech synthesis can represent your brand voice by giving it a new dimension. That’s why we gathered some of our favourite speech synthesisers that are ideal for defining your brand.


Best Speech Synthesisers To Define Your Brand

With Woord, you can build a one-of-a-kind personalised voice to reach current and potential consumers worldwide. The software supports 28 languages, including regional accents like Indian English, Castellan Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Canadian French.

Furthermore, Woord not only allows you to select the gender (male, female or neutral) of your spokesperson. The service encompasses advanced audio options to customise the audio. Adjusting the speed and device profile was never that easy. Not to mention the SSML editor lets you arrange tones, pronunciation, breaths and more.

Azure Microsoft

Best Speech Synthesisers To Define Your Brand

Azure Microsoft transforms texts into natural voices of excellent audio quality. You may pick from 270 different speakers in 119 diverse languages and dialects. Plus, you can personalise everything to your taste by changing aspects such as the rate, tone, pronunciation and pauses.

The idea is you create a unique custom voice. So, Azure Microsoft can differentiate your brand by allowing you access to different speaking styles and emotional tones to fit your use case.


Best Speech Synthesisers To Define Your Brand

Based on Research suggesting that revenue increases by 23% when products form an emotional connection with users, LOVO Studio offers an AI voiceover platform with a library of the most authentic 180 human voices in 33 languages. That’s how it dazzles audiences to keep them loyal.

According to LOVO, customers deserve a human experience. Hence, each voice created incorporates genuine emotions, bringing your business words to life. That makes it a good option to define your brand.

Will you use (any of) these tools to make your brand’s statements with a voice of its own? Avoid dissolving it into the background!

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