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Best Tools To Read Out Loud In Vietnamese

Do you have any plan to engage with the Vietnamese culture? These tools can help you out!

People want to learn new languages and obtain information. Businesses feel attracted to expanding their markets and looking for new clients worldwide. For whatever reason you find yourself interested in a different part of the world, text to speech is a practical tool.

Text to speech (TTS) technology has the ability to convert any text into human speech audio and read the content aloud for you. As a result, you can enjoy a language accent and improve the user experience by enhancing a global reach.

Best Tools To Read Out Loud In Vietnamese

The Vietnamese language is a good start. There are millions of Vietnamese people in the world, making it one of the most widely spoken languages. Although it is not as extensively spoken as English and does not approach the 1-billion milestone as Chinese, Vietnamese demonstrates its uniqueness and relevance. For example, it enfolds five signs that sound like notes in a symphony.

So if you are looking for an API that allows you to explore the benefits of text to speech in languages like Vietnamese, we will help you out. Next, we will share our picks for the best tools to read out loud in Vietnamese.


Best Tools To Read Out Loud In Vietnamese

Listen to a natural-sounding Vietnamese voice with Woord. This AI-powered software offers you realistic voices to have your texts (pdf, txt, doc(x), pages, odt, ppt(x), ods, non-DRM epub, jpeg, png) read aloud. Vietnamese is one of the 28 languages this tool supports and you can enjoy it across 50 different speakers.

What distinguishes Woord from other TTS APIs is its SSML editor. It allows you to control multiple audio effects, such as tone, breaks and phonemes. Plus, you can appreciate its exhaustive features for free with a simple sign up.

Azure Microsoft

Best Tools To Read Out Loud In Vietnamese

Azure Microsoft is a service that generates outstanding 270 lifelike voices in 119 diverse languages and dialects. And its Vietnamese speakers are no exception. The idea is that you access varied speaking styles and emotional styles.

You may also adjust everything to your desire by changing the tempo, tone, pronunciation, pauses, etc. Azure Microsoft‘s free plan might have certain limits in terms of features. Nonetheless, it does allow for 0.5 million characters and 5 hours of audio every month.


Best Tools To Read Out Loud In Vietnamese

Speechelo is a well-known text-to-speech program in the voice technology industry. It comes in 30 languages (Vietnamese, one of them) and 60 of their variations. Not to mention you can also switch between male and female speakers and change the tone of their voices.

Initially an asset for visual impairments, Speechelo became a best friend for anyone looking for a hand with their marketing purposes. However, you must make a one-time payment of $47 to obtain this TTS service.

Now you know how to hear Vietnamese aloud. Will you check it out? Comment!

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