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Get Iron Ore Rates Using C Language With This API

Are you interested in investing in systems? Would you like to enter the iron ore market? Read this post to understand how.

Iron Ore it´s a malleable metal, silvery gray in color, and has magnetic properties (it is ferromagnetic at room temperature and atmospheric pressure). It is extremely hard and dense. It is found in nature as part of many minerals, including many oxides, and is rarely found free.

The vast majority of iron is used for the manufacture of steel intended, among others, for building structures, automobile manufacturing and even for the manufacture of kitchen tools such as saucepans.

Get Iron Ore Rates Using C Language With This API

Since iron is not found in a pure state in nature, it is mainly obtained from oxides and other minerals. The largest amount of iron ore reserves in mines are found in Australia, secondly in Brazil, and then Russia and China.  Because of this, iron prices are very important if you are interested in starting to invest in iron. To keep track of the prices of various metals, a website can be a friend so you can stay up to date. Finally, you’ll be able to calculate prices precisely and convert them to your preferred currency.

C Language Progress  

C is a general-purpose programming language that may be used in a wide range of applications. It may be used to develop operating systems, databases, and compilers, among other things. For starters, C is an excellent programming language to master. The C programming language is suitable for system programming, such as OS or compiler development, since it offers low-level memory access, a small number of keywords, and a clean style. Check Metals-API if you’re seeking for a platform that also works with the C programming language.

What Is Metals-API?

Metals-API gathers market data prices from a range of trade sources and organizations throughout the world in a variety of formats and frequencies. Commercial sources, especially for major currencies and commodities, are also recommended since they give a more realistic picture of market exchange values.

Get Iron Ore Rates Using C Language With This API

Easy to use

Metals-API it’s simple to use. All you have to do now is follow these steps:

1- Register for an account and generate an API Key; this code must be kept secure because it is necessary to perform an API request.

2- You must be familiar with the symbols you will use. You may find them here.

3- Last but not least, create a duplicate of your API access key and execute it.


Furthermore, in order to achieve the highest degree of coverage and precision, the system assigns a centralized priority to each data source.

This also helps to avoid discrepancies by providing accurate spot conversion rates for the great majority of currencies to six decimal places.

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