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Best Wideo Alternatives In 2022

Is Wideo not enough for voicing your videos? We searched for some fantastic alternatives just for you!

Recording audio on your own can be a pain in the neck. You need to read or say every word flawlessly, count on a professional microphone and do it in a quiet place. It takes a lot of resources, and some conditions might be out of our control. For those reasons, turning to a text to speech tool is a better idea. These services transform any text-based material into human speech within seconds in great quality audio.

After solely focusing on video production, Wideo has opted to provide a text-to-speech service. You may now obtain your voiceovers in the same place. You only have to convert text to voice, save it as an mp3 file and import the audio into the video editor.

Best Wideo Alternatives In 2022

However, other text-to-speech softwares render more natural voices for your videos. If you want to discover these other platforms you can confide in your audiovisual projects, keep reading! We put together a small list with some of the best Wideo alternatives to check out in 2022.


Best Wideo Alternatives In 2022

Woord might not come with a video maker. Nevertheless, the software enfolds state of the art features regarding text to speech technology (OCR, Chrome extension, MP3 download, etc.). It generates high-quality audio across 28 languages, speakers and some dialects.

But what will make your AI voices stand out is the SSML editor. This tool allows you to arrange advanced audio options like pronunciation, tone, breaks and breaths. With those settings, if you didn’t have realistic spokespeople before, you will definitely be pleased with natural-sounding voices. That makes Woord an excellent partner for any project that needs a voiceover.


Best Wideo Alternatives In 2022

Murf is a comprehensive studio encompassing an AI voiceover tool that lets users produce synthetic speech from text and integrate it into their audiovisual creations. Its output is suitable for e-learning, corporate presentations, gaming, animation, and other purposes.   

With Murf, you can pick from a broad selection of speakers and experiment with pitch, pronunciation, and accent. You can even create a professional Narration out of your home recordings. As a result, this platform is an exceptional alternative to Wideo.


Best Wideo Alternatives In 2022

Synthesia reinvents video production. This software gives you instant access to professionally designed templates, a text-to-speech engine, AI avatars, a screen recorder, and more. That way, you create videos in minutes.

All in all, Synthesia is a video production studio in your browser. But the main idea is to take all your texts and convert them into something more human. The tool knows that a pile of text isn’t as engaging as watching and listening.

Will you try these alternatives? Let us know in the comments!

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