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Free Text To Speech For Video Makers

Are you a video maker looking for free text to speech tools to help you out with your videos? We know exactly what you need!

Computers can do everything with some data. But that doesn’t mean you can create a world with the snap of a finger. Anything related to audiovisual production can take up an immense amount of time. Life is too short!

The good news is there are valuable cheat sheets or pearls hidden all over the internet. Text to speech (TTS) services are one of them. They convert any text into lifelike discourse. Therefore, it can be advantageous for content creators such as video-makers to get their audio easily and fast.

Free Text To Speech For Video Makers

Hence, text to speech is a useful tool. Especially if one can utilise it without spending a penny. For that reason, we picked some free TTS softwares for creators like video makers that are worth trying out.


Free Text To Speech For Video Makers

If you want to create voices for your videos in multiple languages, Woord can offer you 28 of them, including different variations of English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc. Plus, all their –male, female or gendered-neutral–representatives mimic high-quality, realistic voices. And if they do not sound natural enough, you can always turn to the SSML editor to improve pronunciation, intonation and breaks, among other aspects.

The free Woord plan includes these features and more (e.g. OCR technology, Chrome extension and MP3 download). It has a monthly limit of two audios and 20,000 characters. You only need to create an account to get all these benefits.


Free Text To Speech For Video Makers

FreeTTS integrates Google machine learning into its interface to be a solid text to speech option. As a result, the voices it creates in 25 languages (each with one to four voices) are of great quality.

With FreeTTS, you can convert up to 5,000 characters of text into audio. But, per week, you are only allowed a 6,000 character limit. Additionally, the software is simple and doesn’t ask you for registration.

Text-To-Speech Tool

Free Text To Speech For Video Makers

Due to Amazon Polly and Microsoft TTS as sources, Text-To-Speech Tool produces high-quality voices in 18 languages, each with its own set of speakers. Moreover, it includes settings such as volume, rate and pitch. Not to mention you can download the audio as an MP3 file.

Text-To-Speech Tool is perfect for you if you want to transform any amount of text into speech at no cost at all. It leads you straight to the internet interface without mentioning any restrictions.

Are you ready to make your job or hobby efficiently and effortlessly? Share your experiences with us!

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