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Bitcoin seems to come back to life rapidly

In calendar week 14, the sleeping giant Bitcoin seems to have come back to life. On Tuesday, the Bitcoin course managed to gain as much as 20 percent. Thus, the BTC course has finally come past the notorious $ 5,000 mark.

Already last week we informed our readers that the Bitcoin price has bullish tendencies. We also published an interesting thesis about how the Cardano (ADA) course could help the BTC course reach the $ 5,000. No matter if the reasons for the increase are a matter of discussion, it can not be denied that the Bitcoin course has actually achieved the prophesied goal.

Of course, we’ve worked hard on the background of this sudden increase in the Bitcoin price. While the price hike has brought a lot of joy to many people, it has not been shared by all market participants. As a result, Bitcoin’s rapid rise has led to the liquidation of $ 500 million short positions on BitMEX alone.

Although most of the courses were clearly focused on most people this week, there was much more to be said in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

For example, the technology of IOTA will be presented by several companies in various applications at the Hannover Messe. In addition, IOTA joined with Ripple, IBM, Swift, and 100 other EU Blockchain Association companies to further promote blockchain technology.

While the XRP course has been detonated very late this week, Ripple and her digital asset are on everyone’s lips. Even for institutions such as the FED, the White House, and the World Bank, they are just no strangers but even provide a topic of conversation there.

And that’s not all! That’s why we’ve listed the crypto highlights for you this week as usual. Then let us know what the most exciting or significant events were for you this week and discuss this together with our community on Telegram.

Bitcoin Price Cracks $ 5000 – How did this BTC price rise?

The Bitcoin price rose to over $ 5,000 in 30 minutes on Tuesday morning and briefly jumped over 22%. It seems the cops are back.

The strong BTC price rise had meanwhile ended the Altcoin rally. Many Altcoin courses had fallen by up to 15% in the BTC exchange rate. At the same time, however, Altcoins still held up and gained a few percents against the US dollar.

IOTA technology will be presented by several companies at the Hannover Messe

Many people worldwide are familiar with Hannover Messe. For many, it is one of the most exciting global trade fairs presenting the latest news, stories, and trends in the industrial world. In a blog, post-IOTA reports that their technology will be directly showcased there through multiple applications.

The IOTA protocol matures through its technological advances, but also through standardization, partnerships, start-up support and its open-ecosystem engagements. In the article, IOTA expresses its delight that the number of exhibitors at the Hannover Messe is increasing, using IOTA’s open and free technology to demonstrate the benefits of distributed ledger technology.

XRP reticent, but Ripple is a topic in the FED, the White House and the World Bank

Even though the ripple (XRP) has recently cooled a bit, XRP’s price performance remains one of the strongest in recent months. All this happens under the guise of Ripple Inc.

In fact, the startup has launched several products aimed at facilitating and accelerating the implementation of cross-border transactions.

As a result, the startup enjoys more and more attention. The increasing awareness of Ripple often has positive effects on the XRP course. Today, therefore, we will take a closer look at the recent positive mentions of Ripple at reputable institutions.

Have you read it already? The Nash platform team (NEX) has announced that it will launch its private beta at the end of next month. In addition, among all participants, $ 100,000 in Bitcoin and 46,000 Nash Exchange Token (NEX) will be raffled.

Rapidly rising Bitcoin Price liquidated $ 500 million in shorts and triggered deleveraging on BitMEX

With bitcoin prices rising by around $ 900 this Tuesday, BitMEX customers reported that many of their positions were automatically “de-leveraged”. In this context, one speaks of deleveraging.

Deleveraging is the opposite of leveraging. It is a term used to refer to the reduction of leverage associated with building equity. This results in a reduction of the leverage ratio.

In a recent press release, however, BitMEX quickly commented on the situation. Learn more.

Ripple, IOTA, IBM and Swift join the EU Blockchain Association

More than 100 companies have joined the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications. Among them were IBM, Ripple and Swift. Last Wednesday, the companies met. Together they celebrated the official foundation with a ceremony at the European Commission in Brussels. In advance, the Commission had already invited to a number of events on the subject.

A charter was signed to found an association. The aim of INATBA is to guide regulatory and business reforms. It is all about the introduction of distributed ledger technologies. They represent an important technique for the distribution of cash registers. Already last year the EU Member States had signed a Blockchain partnership agreement. In addition, a blockchain observatory and a forum were set up.

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