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Blockchain startup is now cooperating with video game company Unity

South Korean blockchain startup Metadium is partnering with the video game engine Unity to integrate its programming tool (SDK) into Unity’s developer platform. The “Engine” is the software framework from which developers create a video game.

Called the Meda ID System, which is used to manage users’ identification data, the SDK is now available in the Unity asset store, allowing developers to easily implement the Metadium programming tool in their apps or programs.

The South Korean startup comments on the new cooperation as follows:

“As a result, separate tests are performed on our programming tool to ensure its stability, and it also receives a special certificate from Unity. Both sides will increasingly advertise in the future in order to make developers aware of the program”.

The consequences

In addition, according to the announcement, the Metadium system will be accessible to approximately 6.5 million game developers worldwide using Unity. Just recently, John Riccitiello, general manager of Unity, said the in-house engine is used in nearly half of all video games worldwide.

Finally, the startup mentioned in the press release that “significant partnerships will soon be announced as part of the Metadium Partnership Program”.

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