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Is this a good time for fintech entrepreneurs?

Later that year, some of the founding fathers of the Latin American fintech scene were able to meet; Alejandro Cosentino (Afluenta), Nicolas Shea (Cumplo), Vicente Fenoll (Kubo.financiero) and Dan Gertsacov (then with Lenddo). But, more importantly, with your support, we began to sow the seeds of a Fintech movement that expanded throughout the region and included founders, investors, accelerators, industry entrepreneurs and many more interested in the sector and the ecosystems of the industry.

But it is not the past that excites me, but the present and the future

The opportunity to be a disruptive medium in the finance sector in Latin America that is as clear and great as ever. And the winds are blowing strongly in favor of the new technology companies that are transforming financial services in the region. Capital is flowing, headlines are collaborating, regulation is being drafted and approved, talent is readily available and many other indicators that should bring positive change.

A growing excitement

Despite the impending political and economic uncertainty in countries such as Mexico or Argentina, excitement abounds in the regional Fintech community; Only in the last week, we have read about the financing of Credijusto’s debt for US $ 100MM, the PayPal investment for US $ 750MM in MercadoLibe and the announcements announced by SoftBank. Fund of US $ 5 billion, some of which will go towards investments of Fintech, I am sure, in the very near future. And there is much more to come. That is why I am convinced that there has never been a better time to be a Fintech entrepreneur in Latin America than now.

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