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Business Evaluations Bigbuy, opinions and performance

The hot fashion of recent years, electronic commerce, also called ecommerce. There are multiple ways to sell products through the internet. The company that we are going to talk about today, Bigbuy, occupies an important position in the sector. If you have come this far, it is because you are likely to pursue Bigbuy’s opinions and opinions about them.

It is possible that some may agree and disagree about what I am going to explain to you today. It does not stop being a personal valuation, and although I will try to be objective, it does not stop that the last election and valuation must come from you. I encourage you not to lock yourself in, and do not make decisions only from here, although of course, pretend to be a starting point. So, assuming that our business depends on our decisions, let’s get down to business.

What is Bigbuy?

Bigbuy is a company that has thousands of products in stock.It acts as a provider of Dropshipping, one of the variants of electronic commerce aimed at selling products “that are not owned”. This type of business is included in the now called B2B, Business to Business, which comes from business to business. That is, companies that offer their products or services to other companies, but not the end customer. Usually, telematic companies.

Bigbuy was created with a group of companies with Spanish capital, with the aim of becoming the largest e-market place in Europe. It has located its logistics facilities in Valencia. On its website they highlight the energy of being a young company, with highly qualified personnel, and state-of-the-art facilities.

They have thousands of customers, and from here, there are thousands of opinions about them. But first, let’s see how it works.

How does Bigbuy work?

This provider centralizes the needs of all its customers, all in one. They have a wide catalog of products for many categories, and even search by labels or brands. In addition, all of its articles include content optimized for SEO. Its logistics is so good, that they can make shipments from 24 hours, and the possibility of acquiring their products with a discount when asking for a large quantity, or at the distributor price if the individual units are ordered.

Bigbuy has two web pages, for continuous training, help their customers, technical specifications of their products, and explanations about e-commerce and drop-shipping and useful tools for sale. Bigbuy blog, and then Bigbuy Academy.

Customers can download invoices online, and the shipping companies they work with help keep prices as low as possible, within what fits. Then we will talk about this. Also, its after-sales service, which is responsible for receiving all rejected shipments and is responsible for the management of it. Nonetheless, guarantee of the products, which is something important and that allows us, as customers, not to worry about it.

Once focused on the operation of the company, you can begin to assess how much we are interested or it is appropriate to work with it. Depending on the idea we pursue, we will see if it is profitable and if it can meet our demands.


It all depends on who and how you are and what you expect. If you expect a lot and want to do the minimum, the answer is no. If you expect little and want to do the most, the answer is yes. This opinion may seem absurd, but it is not. And the comment because many people think that the thing will be so simple, they can even send to design your website, entrust the administration to someone, and rely on Bigbuy products, and have everything so automated that they can live without problems. And no, a priori you can not.

Points in favor

You do not need to invest large amounts of money. By not having to own the stock, you can support the strong part of the investment in Bigbuy.

By not having to own the stock, you can support the strong part of the investment in Bigbuy. The more you work, the more you will end up receiving at the end. It can be a point against, but if you are consistent, the benefits should be, and proportional to your effort.

It can be a point against, but if you are consistent, the benefits should be, and proportional to your effort. Your orders are processed immediately. Since the client decides to buy a product until he receives it, the time is minimal, compared to if you were someone else, who would surely make less case and charge you more for delivery.

There is a huge competition. You are not the only one that is offering these products, so you have to compete against thousands of others who, like you, have opted for Bigbuy to offer the same.

Do you have good persuasive ability? So much to differentiate yourself from the rest? And this point for me is the most relevant. And either you are a crack selling, or the illusion can start to fall apart.

If you are a stable person, you know that at the end of the road there is more light every time. If, on the other hand, hard work with little initial earnings discourages you, there are still other opportunities that interest you more than this one. This is something common and widespread, here is important the spirit that each one has. If there is a complaint, you eat it.

Bigbuy reviews

To understand the experience that is working with bigbuy, it is best to collect the opinions of people who work or have done with them. These following, would be some examples that we will be able to observe. There is a lot of diversity. Everything is there, depending on what perspectives you have. Judge yourself!

First case

In this case we have a boy. Illusion mounted his own ecommerce on prestashop. His initial idea was to buy wholesale products in advance and store them at home. His problem was that he lived in a studio, the storage space was small, and packaged the products a considerable investment of time. He had a couple of acquaintances who knew about the subject, and one of them told him good opinions about Bigbuy. After not thinking much, and considering that he wanted to devote himself to kitchen items and Bigbuy has a good catalog, he decided to try.

Spent enough time at the beginning, weeks, configuring that everything was fine, and choosing a good pricing and advertising strategy. Later, and with the help of the company’s commercials, payment settings, simple Adwords campaigns, social networks, and contacting other blogs to advertise, they were paying off. He himself explains how it was a constant trial and error. Since some things worked well, others not so much.

Second case

This particular case catches my attention. I found the comment of a boy who came out in defense of Bigbuy, claiming that for years he worked with them and was very happy. “They are totally serious, they always respond to e-mails, I have been working for years and they are the best”. His response was addressed to people who said that as good providers, but that they were cheating, others that were garbage, and some even without working with them, they made many expletives. Total, that the boy already angry and outraged, spoke very positively of them and lashed out against others, whom he described as “envious.”

I would have liked to see your website, but I did not indicate it. I imagine that in part, so as not to throw bad publicity on top of it. But within his harsh words, I saw a sensible message. I personally say this.

Third case

This person was the opposite. He complained about Bigbuy, although I’m not sure, if it was about the company or the dropshipping. Only lashed against the company in the sense that the market was very competitive, and did not have room to maneuver to be able to make offers with the adjusted prices should always have. That in the end it was impossible to achieve anything, and that if Bigbuy earned a lot and was doing very well, in the end those who lost were his clients who, like him, earned less.


We can see, that not everything that glitters is gold. That we are facing a serious company at the same time as in a very competitive and extensive market. Where success is achieved with effort, talent, while diversifying strategies. And in the end the decision to start a drop shipping business with the Bigbuy alliance will depend in the first instance on how we are and how far we can and want to reach.

It is true that on the road there is a lot of competitiveness, but having so much stock without having paid “nothing” for it is also a plus. Is it a fair business, a symbiosis, or is it a bad idea? And it is that the answer is whether it is good or bad will depend on the success we have had.

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