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Google Maps: Getting lost is hard

In the past Google I / O, we were struck by an augmented reality mode for Google Maps. In this way, Google seeks to offer us a way to guide us even better within the cities.

The company has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that they are still working on this functionality and that it will soon be available to some users. In fact, at first you can only try the Local Guides.

An editor of the Wall Street Journal has had the opportunity to use the augmented reality mode and we can see how it will be oriented with augmented reality within Google Maps. Thanks to the camera of our smartphone and our position via GPS, we can see on the screen what direction we should follow.

If you have ever traveled by metro and are using Google Maps, it is quite likely that when you go out on the street you do not know in which direction to walk. After several meters walking you realize that you were walking in the opposite direction.

No more leaving the subway and walking several meters in the opposite direction

Google wants to avoid this, and thanks to a series of on-screen instructions they will tell us exactly what we should do at any given time. Although it may not be the most comfortable since you have to be pointing all the time with the device up, it can be very useful in certain occasions.

Anyway, Google wanted to make it clear that we are still facing a very primitive phase of this implementation, and that the interface shown in the video of the Wall Street Journal could change. That is why they will only allow testing augmented reality within Google Maps to a small number of users.

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