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Can Chile become a regional development pole in FinTech after Spain?

Economic and cultural factors are some of the elements that must be worked on. Both KPMG and EY have faith that Chile can become a leading development leader in Latin America in this area.

Mauricio Martínez de EY points out that today the country “has a strategic position with respect to the region, that is a reality we see”, but that there are still work to be done to occupy a leadership position.

In his opinion, “the Chilean FinTech ecosystem still needs to be similar to the United Kingdom ecosystem.” There are important aspects that we must continue working, including economic (investment) and cultural factors (fostering innovation), but there is opportunity to be a reference in Latin America, “says Martinez.

For his part, Fernando Laurito from KPMG observes that “the country is working hard on those differential vectors, such as innovation, with focus and investment in R & D, consumers who have new needs and are open to taking these new alternatives, companies who want to generate changes and impact the client in a different way “. All of them are conditions for Chile to be a FinTech reference in the region.

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