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Chatbots and artificial intelligence: the new allies of the financial industry

Save costs, improve customer service and even increase customers are some of the objectives pursued by the banking and insurance sector through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Home Devices and chatbots.

In fact,  more than 50% of companies will spend more on the creation of chatbots than on the development of mobile apps and the financial industry will not be an exception.

Planet Chatbot Day

In order to talk about the latest developments and how both sectors are betting on conversational technology, Planet Chatbot – the world’s leading portal in Spanish on chatbots and Artificial Intelligence with more than 400 employees – organizes “Planet Chatbot Day: Banking & Insurance” next February 7 at 10 am, at the Auditorium of Cuatrecasas (Madrid). The day will be moderated by Lorenzo García, CEO of The Logic Value, Fintech specializing in financial services.

The presentations will begin by the hand of Javier García, Program Manager of Smart Assitant of BBVA Spain, followed by IBM, which will analyze how Artificial Intelligence is in the insurance sector. After the turn of Ángel Hernández, managing partner of Chatbot Chocolate, David Almendros, director of Cognitive Computing at Caixa Bank, will take the floor.

The round of talks will end with the legal view on chatbots and data protection in such a sensitive area by the hand of Andrea Ortega Villalobos and Alejandro Negro, Cuatrecasas lawyers.

There will be two round tables

“Conversational technology, the future of banking”. During this meeting, there will be the participation of Pilar Sánchez, Innovation Project Manager at Bankia, and Manuel Beato, director of WiZink’s online acquisition, will analyze how conversational technology is impacting the banking sector, especially now that Home Speakers have arrived in Spain .

“How to introduce chatbots in the marketing strategy of insurers”. Fernando Rivero, CEO of Ditrendia and advisor to the Marketing Association of Spain, will be in charge of moderating the table in which they will participate: Emilio David Jiménez, deputy director of marketing at Santalucía; Patricio Torres, director of the Internet channel division at Plus Ultra Seguros (Grupo Catalana Occidente), and Christian Peña, Marketing and Communication Manager at ARAG.

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