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Liechtenstein blockchain startup launches first European security token

In Liechtenstein, the first security token offering (STO) has just been launched. This will start the sale of security tokens from the Liechtenstein startup edeXa (promocode below in the article). And the new tokens are in demand: the soft cap of half a million euros has already been reached.

Security Token Offering is the successor of the Initial Token Offerings. This means that whoever buys these tokens will be involved in the profits of the company. This profit is distributed to the holders of the tokens in the same way as shares and divums according to the number of tokens. These tokens are not simply sold right after the fundraising, but they have a tangible benefit, namely the regular distribution of profits to the investors. However, not as is often the case with equities, this does not include voting rights.

Who can invest?

The STO is currently in Phase 1 of pre-sales. The offer includes one million tokens at a price of 0.28 euros. In the second phase of the pre-sale 1.5 million tokens are offered at a price of 0.32 euros. The token pre-sale ends on 24th January at 24 o’clock. In the subsequent main sale, edeXa offers investors an additional 12 million tokens at a price of 0.36 euros.

In total, tokens with a value of five million euros will be offered. Anyone can participate. However, the minimum investment is 200 EUR.

ERC20 token

The tokens are programmed according to the popular ERC20 standard. This has the advantage that you can transfer these tokens into your ERC20-compatible wallets.

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