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Check Natural Gas Prices Using This API

Would you like to acquire natural gas for your company? But before that, you will need to find out the price first. For this task, it is best to use this tool, the best natural gas price API.

Natural gas is one of the fossil fuels, also known as hydrocarbons. It is composed mainly of Methane (CH4), but has a smaller proportion of other elements. Natural gas is lighter than air, it is non-toxic and has no taste, color or smell, but an odorizer is added to recognize it. In addition, it is less flammable than most fuels for domestic use and does not require transformation processes for its use, which allows it to have a truly competitive cost.

This fossil energy has many advantages in all its uses and applications, which is why more and more homes and businesses are choosing it. Some of its positive characteristics are its high calorific power, its easy access for the user, its low cost compared to other fossil fuels, its versatility, low pollution and its energy efficiency. It can be used in heating, cooking, hot water appliances, industrial machines, even to generate cold in refrigeration installations.

Unfortunately, since the war between Ukraine and Russia began, the price of natural gas has increased markedly. Russian natural gas supplies power and heat to almost the entire European Union, but due to the war, these supplies dwindled. As there is less supply, prices rose by 47%. This is bad news for those entrepreneurs who need natural gas. The only alternative in this case is to be very alert to any change in your rate and thus avoid losing money. For this, we will use the Commodities-API.

Check Natural Gas Prices Using This API

What is Commodities-API?

Today, Commodities-API is the leading service for commodity rates. Its objective is simple, save you time but above all money. Its function is to be an alarm that notifies you of changes in the rates of raw materials and, in this way, avoid buying natural gas at higher prices. This API (Application Programming Interfaces) receives price information from more than 15 trusted data sources, such as banks and financial institutions. Thanks to this, you can be 100% sure that the information is 100% true. For example, if you are looking for CME Group rates API (the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange), Commodities-API will find what you are looking for!

This data is not only provided in real time, but also with an accuracy of 2 decimal places and a frequency of up to 60 seconds. It is incredibly fast and accurate.

To find out natural gas prices, you will need to follow the steps below:

1- Visit and generate the API key.
2- Register and choose a plan. One is free and the rest are paid.
3- Find the natural gas symbol and euro (if you are from Europe for example).
4- Once you have decided on them, make the call to the API.
5- As a programming language, you can choose between JSON and PHP.

Doubts? Questions? Use the virtual chat to communicate with a Commodities-API advisor.

Check Natural Gas Prices Using This API

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