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Definitive guide to be a Digital Nomad in the UK: Read before emigrating

How do I get work? Where do I find accommodation? How is the employment situation? Is it easy to find a job of whatever? Do I look for a room from Spain or do I go with nothing? and so dozens of questions that for all are the same again and again.

If you do not have the First Certificate test, do not say you have English Medium Level.

We all know for a fact that the Spanish level of English is practically nil (in general). So stop writing saying “I have a medium level and I understand almost everything”. That’s a lie! If you are not able to watch a movie without subtitles without feeling silly, you have a basic level and period. As soon as you arrive and an English speaks to you … you will NOT understand anything or you will understand everything he wants you to understand. There is a difference between understanding and what you think you have understood.

Seriously, do not deceive yourself. Come with humility, knowing that your English is crap and to strive every day.

Read, inform yourself and stop asking the same shits

There are several websites where you can find information, including this one. Then you have our best friend: Google and your translator. Do not expect strangers to give you everything done for your pretty face. A little effort, which is your future and it is you and only you who has to do your part.

I begin the summary of EVERYTHING you have to read before asking more questions …

1. Know your destination well

One thing that pisses me off to the max is all those jerks who know no London differences in England, which in these islands it rains and the UK is the least similar to Europe you can find. If you are going to set foot in this country, you must acquire a minimum knowledge and know where you get.

2. Choose the city you want to go to

If you are a constant reader of the web you already know that we try to educate the little Spaniards who want to emigrate, repeating and repeating that there are many more options than the capital, London.

4. Finding accommodation, it is not easy.

The first trauma that you will experience, with the frustration that comes with it, is the search for a room in a shared house. Many arrive for the first time without references, in haste, to cities such as London, Brighton, Oxford or Bristol and do not know that in recent years the market is becoming very competitive among new tenants. The price of the rent is through the roof, so the best option, if you do not have friends in the area, is to book a couple of weeks in a hostel and search more peacefully.

5. Is it easy to find work in the United Kingdom?

To this question, there are many answers but it will depend on the typical factors: your level of English, training, experience, availability and desire. But yes, the unemployment rate is around 4% and the labour market is more flexible than in Spain, so it will always be easier to find “something”. You can win double or triple that in Spain.

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